Top Ten Football Songs – Your Pick

Ah, the beautiful game. Euro 2012 is underway and the nation takes up the collective pursuit of armchair punditry.

But who cares which team scores the most goals and lifts the trophy? Are we really interested in the WAGs and off-pitch shenanigans? Of course not – we care about the tunes assaulting our ears in the name of the game.

We at Louder Than War have our own personal loves and loathes of the sporting anthem but we want to know what you’d pick? Does John Barnes’ legendary World in Motion rap still top your league? Does Three Lions bring you out in a fit of patriotism and nostalgia for ’66? Do you wish Vindaloo would be relegated to the seventh level of hell?

Send us your picks for the top ten football songs either by leaving us a comment, sending us an @ on Twitter or popping over to our Facebook page. We’ll put together the chart and see which of the slim pickings of football songs lifts the trophy.


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13 comments on “Top Ten Football Songs – Your Pick”

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  1. how bout ENGLANDS STILL DREAMING by the little known jazz combo GOLDBLADE ?

  2. Surely ‘I wanna be a Punk Rocker’ the B side to Scotland’s 1978 Song ‘We’re On The March With Ally’s Army’ is the ultimate Louder Than Bombs football song.

  3. Chomsky Allstars’ ‘The Beautiful Gain’ went down a storm in townships of South Africa during the last World Cup:

  4. ‘Give Him A Ball & A Yard Of Grass’ by Sultans Of Ping FC

  5. The England 1970 World Cup Squad “Back Home”
    As the sixties psychedelic dream fades and dies, Moore, Banks, Lee and Astle swap football boots for suits and dickie bows. They storm Top of the Pops and take \’Back Home\’ to the top of the charts. It\’s a 45” that didn\’t need exploding underpants, goblins or Keith Allen. It\’s an honest record from men who had the same values as the people who paid their wages, men who went down the local pub, did their own gardening and did their own decorating, Not the prima donna pounces that grace foot in 2012. Even Better is “There\’ll Always Be An England” from their 1970 LP \’The World Beaters Sing The World Beaters\’.

  6. Blown it – Zeitgeist 77

  7. How about Barmy Army – The English Disease, a full album of football songs best of which is ‘Sharp As A Needle’.

  8. Through gritted teeth I have to admit the best football song I’ve heard is ‘Santa Maradona’ by Mano Negra

  9. Kicker Conspiracy by The Fall has to be the ultimate football song .

  10. the legendary Estudiantes by Frank Sidebottom.

  11. Colourbox – Official World Cup theme. Should have been the official Mexico 86 tune for the BBC.

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