1.Mazes ”“ A band with a geographical split that seems to have so far have held them back, Mazes offer a low-fi sound that offers the kind of distortion and fuzzy guitar that I love. Managing to sound rough around the edges but totally together at the same time..


2. Tom Williams & The Boat ”“ They describe themselves as an anti-folk band and they’re from Tunbridge Wells. It all sounds a little unlikely but the proof they say is in the pudding and its for that reason that you should check them out. Their debut album was released at the end of last month and is right up my street.


3. The Naked & The Famous ”“ You may well have heard them and not realised as they have received a considerable amount of airplay for their current single ‘Young Blood’ and previous single ‘Punching In A Dream’. Bringing a true sound of summer from the shores of New Zealand and a MGMT-esque vocal, their electronic sounds have already proved a hit in their homeland.


4. Sissy & The Blisters ”“ The thing about Sissy & The Blisters is they transport me back to a decade I wasn’t even alive in. For me, there is something amazing about music from the 1960s and I don’t know how but these guys seem to hit the nail on the head with their raw and infectious retro sound..


5. Deep Sea Arcade ”“ Its very rare that you trawl through a tonne of speculative emails from bands and find one that you absolutely fall in love, but this is how my love affair with Australian band Deep Sea Arcade kicked off. Think vintage Beatles with some surf and garage thrown in for good measure, frustrated by the distance? Don’t be, they’re heading to our shores very soon to play some live dates.


6. Erland & The Carnival ”“ Not necessarily new but totally underrated, their second album Nightingale was out this week and is a lovely slice of retro indie pop strengthened by Erland’s deep and solid vocals..


7.Wye Oak ”“ What is it with me and bands from Baltimore?! Following on from my love and adoration of Beach House’ latest dream pop record Teen Dream, Wye Oak are the latest export from the City that offer indie folk tinged with dream pop, believe me when I say this is no bad thing..


8. The Pains of Being Pure At Heart ”“ Another not necessarily new affair.. but the New Yorkers have a small but dedicated fanbase and their second album ‘Belong’ is due for release at the end of the month and will hopefully step them up a league with its sweet sounding indie pop goodness.


9. Joan As Police Woman ”“ Joan Wasser is a talented violinist, pianist and vocalist and has just released her third formal solo record The Deep Field which is of the indie persuasion. Randomly, she was also Jeff Buckleys girlfriend when he died back in 1997 and she has been heavily involved in collating his work since.


10. Luke Rathborne ”“ The New York singer songwriter recently joined Lauren Laverne for a 6 music session and produces the type of indie that whilst not necessarily innovative, is great music. Luke’s latest self-titled release is an easy on the ear affair with indie, pop and folk influences that offers a good range in Luke’s vocals.

Shell Zenner
New Music Show presenter
Salford City Radio 94.4fm

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  1. Good list, most are unknowns but will be checking them out, but I would say that I don’t like Naked and Famous. Have to switch the radio over when they are on. I think its the pitch they sing at, same happened with LaRoux.

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