Top Of The Pops
a rubbish Top Of The Pops album cover from the 70's

Toppermost of the poppermost – will TOTP be returning to our screens?

It’s back on the agenda but no decision has been made yet – but there is a rumour that TOTP could be returning.

Top Of The Pops
a rubbish Top Of The Pops album cover from the 70's

Would TOTP make any sense in the 21st century? Would a chart based programme work any more? Does anyone really care who is number one let alone number 17? Will it be Cowell-pop and X Factor hell? Will it be stuffed full of Mercury Awards type indie janglers? Or, will it be all types of music?
Would you want to see the old institution back?

Should it be screened from Rusholme Manchester like it was when it started!

comments please!

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  1. Wouldn’t be worthwhile really – no-one gives a stuff what’s number one these days, the charts have lost all lustre

  2. btw I would much rather listen to that “Rubbish Top Of The Pops” LP rather than anything in the charts at the current time

    • Terry – it depends which chart you are listening to; plenty of decent tracks on the LTW Top 10 httpss://

  3. If it could be the first unveiling of the charts each week, that would make it vital again. It doesn’t need fancy formatting, just something like this to make it relevant. Watching the 1976 re-runs, the buzz of seeing whether Slik (or whoever) have climbed the charts or not, railing against the terrible No.1 (No Charge, say), make me miss TOTP terribly. It’s important to engage with what’s selling as well as what we think should be selling.

  4. I’d love TOTP to return! Yes, no one cares where tracks are in the chart these days, but this is at least to some extent due to the absence of TOTP, which has led to the chart becoming an irrelevance. A new-look, refreshed and up-to-date web-friendly TOTP would revive interest in who’s downloading what – but it would only work if scheduled wisely. And this means on Saturdays in the early evening slot. Doctor Who followed by a new, cool TOTP would be a hit with all the family (and I deffo DON’T mean in a 1976 ‘light entertainment’ stylee), late enough for peak viewing, early enough for the Kids to catch before they hit the town (talking of which, a Sunday morning repeat wouldn’t go amiss for bleary-eyed clubbers too)… come on, BBC, you know it makes sense!


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