Top Bass Players – Graham Massey’s (808 State) view

The debate continues to rage – Just who are the Top Bass Players? Here Graham Massey from 808 State offers his selection. To read the initial blog click HERE

Jannik TopMagma – check out ‘KMX-B XII Opus 7’,and ‘De Futura’ – All the Magma bass players are upfront and meaty

Francois Rabbath – Solo artist – French double bass player takes classical chops and goes exploring just how much you can get out of the instrument – album ”Multi Bass”. More info HERE

Michael Henderson – Miles Davis stole him from Stevie Wonders band, he features on a lot of the Miles Ê»Pre retirement elactric years 70 to 75. Keeps it pinned down with big fat memorable riffs. Juggernaut.

Jaco PastoriousWeather Report /solo artist – Its too early to forget Jaco, unmistakable voice on the bass. Check him on Joni Mitchellʼs “Hejira” album , his “Word of Mouth” album and the over looked ‘Mr Gone’ album by Weather Report, also ‘Bright Size Life’ with Pat Metheny is a gem

Miroslav Vitous – Another Weather Report bassist, used double bass, often amplified, often with the bow, big bloke gets physical with a massive bit of wood.

Colin SeddonBiting Tongues – Bold and weird, aggressive and humorous, unique.

Cachao – Cuban band leader and bassist – Center of the Earth bass playing everything revolves, pulsating force.

Chris SquireYes – Mercurial Rickenbacker mayhem, the iron girders in the structure, Twang Dancer. melodic.

Paddy SteerHomelife/Yargo/Toolshed, Paddy knows how to use colour ,when to step
up front and when to groove, bubbly pocket playing ,feel good bass playing.

Jamaladeen Tacuma – from Ornette Colemanʼs Prime time/solo artist. An energy flash of a bass player, fast and stylish, mad lines.Rickenbacker and Steinberger so crisp for a jazzer – some fusion crimes be careful which door you come in.

Eberhard WeberECM band leader and bassist -Dutch, Upright solid body electric bassist did many albums for the ECM label as a band leader, all kinds of textures (using bow a lot)
and memorable riffs. albums ‘Yellow Fields , Colours’

To hear some of Graham’s choices click HERE

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  1. All super virtuoso players but who realy cares? appart from other bass players of course.
    Much prefer the biting visceral timbres of Jean Jaques Burnel, Peter Hook and Jah Wobble mentioned in the original blog. I would also suggest John Entwistle for consideration or the sublimely imperfect Ronnie Lane

  2. Theyre not all virtuoso players ,quite a mixed bag – The first list is just a list of “Famous ” bass players. ,thats my point. check the podcast , joy of music to the front .Yeah!

    • I stand corrected they are not all virtuoso players. I did enjoy the podcast especially Paddy Steer whom i’d never heard of before so thanks a lot for that. Hey but how about Keith Richard? his bass on Jumping Jack Flash blows me away every time.


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