11. White Ape

Manic and mischievous London garage rock quartet White Ape signed to Sotones Records in 2014 after getting airplay from Steve Lamacq and props from The Maccabees’ Orlando Weeks. Brash and raw but brimming with hooks, melodies and scabrous wit, White Ape mix punk, surf, rockabilly, ska, new wave and even disco and Ennio Morricone style cowboy melodrama. Forthcoming EP Kick It Down (19th Jan) pays homage to the underground music scene being literally bulldozed from the UK’s cities and bemoans the boring yuppie life replacing it. White Ape run their own free entry night, Aspirational Values, at the Constitution pub in Camden and have a follow up to Kick It Down planned for later in the year.


12. Blossoms

Psych dream guitar pop from Manchester- they have perfect hair and perfect tunes and will be massive in 2015.


13. Rae Morris

Blackpool based singer songwriter who we have long supported at LTW looks ready for January breakthrough with her debut solo album.


14. Autobahn

Post punk drone with neat gothic twinge from the birthplace of Goth, Leeds.


15. Repititor

Repetitor, who are touring hard, are part of a new generation of Serbian bands – the so called new Serbian Scene- and have the nod groove down to a T. With a brilliant combination of the desert rock- neo psych trip of Kyuss and that tough yet tripped out late Black Flag thing down the band take this kind of rock with a twist and melt it down into new shapes.  Sonic Youth are in the mix as well but it’s quite touching when their guitar player professes almost embarassedly to a an initial love of Oasis in his far flung youth and how the 24 Hour Party People film had changed his life before he went on his alternative rock jig. – See more here.

16. Sunshine Frisbee Laserbeam

Another band from Brum, excellent alt rock indie guitary noisy music.

17. The Loaded

from Cov, been around for a while but are still ace.

18. General

Coventry rock – loud and nasty – great band

19. Scattering Ashes

Coventry based melodic metal – proper metal band worth a listen.

20. Lola in Slacks

Glasgow band who we recently covered on the site. Check them out ahead of a single early in 2015, hopefully with an album to follow.


21. Grawl!x

Chrystalline lo-fi, atmospheric indie that sends shivers of pleasure straight down your spine. We covered the debut single on the site here and we’re excited to hear more from Grawl!x in 2015 – you should be too.


22. Kagoule

Disjointed crunchy rock that expands away before barrelling back at you with riffs blazing.


23. Merrick’s Tusk

There seems to have been a slight well recently, a return of the early emo sound. Not all that eye-liner and theatrics from mainstream emo but bands making sounds more like Jimmy Eat World. Merrick’s Tusk is a promising pick from the crop and we’re looking forward to them building on 2014’s Sondor EP in ’15.


24. Johnny Sly

Seven-piece Manchester band making music they love for the sake of making music they love. Some great twitchy indie tracks with big band glow on their Lost Thoughts EP.


25. Deja Vega

We tipped Deja Vega last year too as they were on the cusp of transitioning from Deadbeat Echoes to this new incarnation.

After a load of amazing live performances and some truly great demos in 2014 we’re still excited to hear what this band are going to do next. Read about them here.

26. Liam Walker

We’re still holding out for Liam Walker’s demo tracks to fully make it into public so we can really share our love of his Americana-infused folk with you. Fingers crossed that 2015 is the year more of you get your ears around his beautiful balladeering. Check out his tracks on Facebook.

27. Sisters

Crank their guitar pop with fuzz pedal trip that sounds cleansing in its distorted rush.

28. Scribble Victory

Stripped back acoustic duo with some really beautiful harmonies happening across their tracks. Album Confidence was released in Autumn and we think they’ll continue to grow, especially on the festival circuit, in 2015.


29. Alias Kid

Motormoth Manc crew with great songs and attitude- the last working class band left out there?

30. Dolomote Minor

Royal Blood with all the blood and guts left in.

31. God Damn

32. Black Honey

latest from Brighton is Morricone flavoured atmospheric twang

33. Laplsey 

17 year old wondered who puts the koo into kooky with her dark electronic pop.

34. Milk Teeth

35. Deers

Punky youthful rush

36. Brawlers : ferocious pop punk from  mini supergroup made up of members of Castrovalva, Dinosaur Pile-Up, Leftover Crack and Old Romantic Killer Band.


37. Novelist

17 year old grime wonderkid from South london putting poetry back into the form


38. Fierce Mild


In the great tradition of the angular post punk bands like Delta 5, the Slits and through the Riot Grrrls and the godlike Kathleen Hanna Fierce Mild are an all girl trio who make music of their own a long way away from the grunting male rock. They are also quite brilliant with fully realised songs that contain great tunes and precision playing and a real sense of space that manage to combine the toughness of the form with a real sense of pop. I heard their demo played back on a mobile phone and was instantly captivated by its stark and beautiful brilliance. They have the songs and the capability to make a real impression. – See more here. 


39. Rank Berry

Despite the rather not-very-good band name (putting “Rank” in your name is just asking for it in Glasgow, I reckon), these lads have been making waves in a city that is becalmed in indie-schmindie-land for the most part. Taking their cues from the swaggering, lean and mean rockin’ of The Stones, Skynyrd, Free and The Black Crowes, they’ve chucked a hefty dose of punk attitude into their raw, untamed blues-stew. – See more here


40. Geebz MC

Manchester Hip-Hop’s Golden Bullet.

Also known as GB and more recently Geebz MC, Mustapha Samari is a musical journeyman. Born in Nigeria, his early childhood was spent in Leeds and his teenage years in Toxteth, Liverpool. His streets were the red-bricks and overlooked council blocks that so often are rich with untapped creativity. Landing in Manchester from the age of 16, his elder brother Hakeem encouraged his development, involving Geebz in his own Eleet label project. Hakeem, also known as Corporate Damage, headed a hip-hop collective with aims to build musical bridges between Liverpool and Manchester, working with Ruthless Rap Assassins amongst others to bring together strong forces of North-West UK talent. – See more here


41. Candy Darling


Emily Breeze is a bonafide star. Guitarist and singer for Bristol’s new great hopes, Candy Darling, she has more attitude and presence in her little finger than most, and with the new single, ‘Money’, Candy Darling have stamped a clear and defined intention into their music. – See more here


42. The Cundeez


Bagpipes, punk rock and lunatic behaviour, Dundee nutcases The Cundeez are turning heads and not before time. Joe Whyte has the lowdown.

A Cundee, I’m reliably informed by my Dundonian neighbour, is a local term for a drain cover, manhole-type thing. We call it a “stank” in Glasgow.  The Cundeez have been making noises on the punk rock scene in Scotland for some time now. They’re not a new band as such, but following their appearance at Rebellion 2014, it seems prescient to highlight their very singular take on punk rock-meets-Scots folk-meets-ska.See more here


43. Terminal Gods

Terminal Gods cite influences from Nick Cave to The Stooges and from The Cult to Automatic era Jesus & Mary Chain, but the band are no copycats – they have their own identity to0, one which has seen their “runaway freight train of dark, new heavy sounds with a pop sensibility” gaining in popularity as they continue to tour heavily and release a select stream of releases on their favourite medium, vinyl. See more here 


44. Red Kite


Named after a species of bird that was hunted to extinction before their re-introduction in 1989, Red Kite are, let’s say, a pretty introspective band. – See more here.


45. Cat Meat


Alt. country blues band Cat Meat have a new album out and, as per all their releases, it’s downloadable on a “name your price” basis – even if that’s nothing – which, for a band we refer to as arguably ”London’s best exponents of modern Americana”, can’t be bad. – See more here.


46. Skinny Girl Diet


Been around a couple of years but this could be their time…They are just fantastic. They ooze punk intensity which they deliver with astonishing musicality. A song they claim to have written that afternoon changes speed and direction several times, and is delivered with perfect pitch and timing. They have echoes of the Slits, and certainly have the dress sense and style. But their secret is that they bring the power of Big Black. – See more here.


47. Girlpool


watching them was an undiluted special treat each time. Cleo Tucker and Harmony Tividad write incredibly resonant bare bones songs with a brutally unflinching vulnerability that is universally relatable to anyone who has ever gone through the angst-ridden aches of falling in love, struggling with self-acceptance, and being lonely; because let’s face it, as the pair sings in the heavy-hearted Plants and Worms, pain is indeed an endless cycle. What Girlpool achieves with their vocal harmonies and simple, stripped down guitar and bass arrangements is both quietly stunning and refreshingly honest. – See more here.


48. Deers

Scratchy indue cranked with fuzz furnace live- from Madrid


49. Khost

Doom metal with eastern edge from Birmingham – recently supported Godflesh.

50. Culture Vultures

Culture Vultures are a hip-hop collective spawned in West Wales, the egg hatched when Brothers, Kai (Po Griff) and Gem (SQUIRES) began rapping with childhood friend Finn Bar. After releasing their first track KneeDeepInSheepGash they went on to release their debut EP, “The Hills Have Mouths” with beats scavenged from a variety of online producers and a few local heads. The majority of material being recorded and engineered by TomX2k.

After frequent appearances in local venues including “The Parrot” and heavy involvement with the “Spitting Feathers” collective collaborating with Billy Phono, Zubat & other feather spitters, they’ve supported Leaf Dog, The Four Owls, Chester P, J-Man and more. A few slots on the SIKA stage at NASS, Organic sounds and Mischief put them on line ups with the likes of Cypress Hill, Defenders Of Style, Phi Life Cypher, Devilman etc. During a summer of unfortunate journeys in a dodgy Micra amongst other shady vehicles, they adopted their “Fucking Wing It” motto and glued it to their next project, acting as a title and an ongoing mantra in the recording process, and life in general.

They joined forces with fellow West Walian producers Hagie & Cycle who produced and engineered almost the entire project. Since the release of the project these two characters have become a staple in the producing department and at live shows, with their third project (SQUAWKTOWN) in the pipeline being an entirely home grown effort from the group. Recorded in a cold shoebox studio on a Laugharne hillside and set for release in the new year. They’ve also released a number of music videos all created within the collective filmed by Ang & Caviar. Settling in to the nest for Christmas to put the final touches on their album, keep your eyes peeled for more from the group in 2015.



Part one of our list of top 50 bands to look out for in 2015 is here







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  1. @John : What was the welsh band you were talking about on the Cerys Matthews show at the weekend. 17/18 year olds battering out some good stuff and couldnt find a pen to write it down!

  2. The band I’m most excited about for 2015 is The New Southern Elektrikk- stunning melodies fronted by the mesmerising vocal talents of Monica Ward; they deserve to be massive.


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