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LOUDER THAN WAR! top 57 new band tips for 2011

Of course this cannot be definitive, how could it be? These are pointers. We want to know more – if you have any more tips please add them to the comments section.

Top 57 new bands for 2012 list is here.

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Some of the bands are less new than others but with this being our first month, we want to shout about the bands we’ve been following for the past few months.
But it’s more than bands, there’s one-off tunes that we can’t even fit into the list. There’s loads of great mental sounding dubstep tunes that slip in and out of the ether, snatches of great sound and mad beats in clubs that tear past – how do we list those?
57 to start, in no particular order:

1. Deadbeat Echoes – classic northern guitar band with experimental twist and love of the Standells and punk rock- interesting mix link link
2. Fraser King – like no other band on the planet. Doo wop meets new folk meets intense punk rock meets eccentric genius with attitude. Will be massive.
3. Mothercoat – genius twisted Japanese band who manage to cram free jazz hardcore and pristine beach Boys style melodies all into the same song.
4. Shining – Ok they are five albums in but their skronk jazz meets dark metal riffing is new to our ears.
5. Ricochet – Istanbul based melancholic post rockers.
6. We Came Out Like Tigers – Liverpool based scream thrash agitators”¦.make a brilliant noise
7. The Chasms – brooding post indie from the Isle Of Man.
8. Bronto Skylift – they play proper guerilla gigs in parks with a generator. There are two of them and they play Nirvana tinged with free jazz discordant Death To Trad Rock exuberant free rock like the late eighties genius Glasgow bands like Badgewearer and Stretcheads etc- who they haven’t heard of. Genius.
9. Black Sun – dark hearted Glasgow noisecore noiseniks, like Black Flag on acid.
10. The Seventeenth Century – neo folk with melodies that make the heart sore.
11. Y Niwl – intriguing Welsh twangers with charming disheveled energy and a knack of capturing the dark heart of the magnificent Shadows. Such a great band.
12. War Hound – Chicago based old school hardcore crew. Sound very pissed off. Perfect.
13. Jamie Woon – a protegé of Burial twisting post dubstep into new shapes.
14. Raised On Replicas – what happens when Ballroom glam meet skuzzy guitar, bed-sit indie and vintage amps get abused and then shackled by motronik drums and love of guitar noise and sardonic vocals.
15. Japanther – what Brooklyn singalong indie punk crossover – sound like if Beck turned up with some loops instead of using 4/4 punk beats.
16. Cripple Bastards – brutal Italian hardcore, controversial hate grind/grindcore. Sound like a road drill on heat.
17. Janice Graham Band – Mancunian dub and dope fused short ,sharp songs of bedsit tension. Every song sounds like a hit.
18. Killahurtz –  Manchester dubstep with high IQ twist. It’s like listening to the future on speed.
19. Adestria – more of that techno blast beast mash up. Screamo post hardcore with machine gun drums.
20. The Temps – Liverpool post Horrors crew back in the garage with addictive songs.
21. Chanteuse And The Crippled Claw – dark hearted brooding classic melancholia with electronic beats.
22. Scribe – from Mumbai and just one of the many great new Indian metal bands along with Infernal Wrath, Bhayanak Maut and Demonic Resurrection.
24. Kong – not so new but you need to know about their neo Shallac/Fugazi complex post punk intensity dressed up in bizarre costumes”¦
25. Drunken Sailor records – Stoke based vinyl only punk rock label with great rosta.
26. James Blake – lo fi in the best way dubstep shenanigans
27. the Watchers – supporting the Charlatans this spring  ”Ëœdarkly, progressive indie rock’. A dark and brooding soundscape.
28. Anna Calvi – the ghost of PJ Harvey and similar brooding musics has attracted the ear of Nick Cave.
29. Mr Kil – Scottish cross between Muse and the Killers…lets hope common sense prevails and it ends up more like Muse.
330. Global Parasite – North Wales punks totally fierce twin vocal assault”¦perfect anecdote for these tough times.
31. Dirty North – sounds of scuzzy bedsits and the chip pan of rainy day real life made into endless brilliant demos of Bob Marley fused class guitar indie, should be massive. https://www.myspace.dirtynorthband
32. Thallie – Manchester based dubstepper singer
33. Bear Claw – Steve Albini produced scoopy noiseniks with Shellac styled dislocated riffing.
34. New York Junk – against the grain old school New York garage rock. The anti Williamsburg band?
35. Senium – Steve Albini produced New Jersey rock with the powerful intensity of Curt Cobain.
36. Bombers ”“ Birmingham based spirit of Captain Beefheart raised in frenetic and glorious riffing. Out on their own.
37. D/R/U/G/S – Manc based neo Orbital dusk to dawn trancers
38. Hanggai – Chinese band. Former punks who put down their guitars and picked up traditional Chinese instruments. Amazing.
39. Kim Ki O – atmospheric, tranced out, indie pop from Istanbul
40.OFF! ”“ Awesome new band from ex Black Flag singer Keith Morris.
41. The Minx – Mancunian new skins with great line in tight gutsy modern take on tight melodic guitar pop with ska inflexion.
42. Naked Veins – dark heavy take on British street rock n roll
43. Exit Calm – brooding Sheffield psychedelic
44. The Skarsoles – bouncy ska from Scotland”¦their name is amusing. Perennially popular music ska still influences countless young bands.
45. Black Spiders – pure Sheffield steel- old school rockers, you can smell the grease in their riffs.
46. the Black Knights – Salford trash noiseniks. Distorted vocals colliding rocking riffs”¦you know the drill
47. Missing Andy – Chelmsford based plaintive real life indie rock.
48. Straight Arrows – primal garage blues from Sydney Australia. Snotty, bratty, thrilling. Their debut single is 22 minutes long!
49. Middle Class Rut – heavy, melodic polished indie pop breaking out in the USA
50. Humanizer – hardworking Manchester electronic soundscapes.
51. Calling All Astronauts – dark electro indie punk with politics, hints of early Human league but 21st century.
52. Suicide Party – This is what happens when you lock people in the cupboard under the stairs for a month with nothing but the complete works of Joy Division and The Velvet Underground for company.
53. Morbid Grape – ”Ëœwere only a duo, both on guitars, me singin, no stuff to send u yet,but we are dump rock, death underground metal prog punk, describes us well!’
54 Smacksoft – part of a burgeoning Korean rock scene. Great vocals.
55. Odd Future – LA rap crew who deal in dark controversy whilst making groundbreaking future hip hop
56. the Happy Soul – plaintive northern blues.
57. Hendrik Weber– brooding German electro.
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Award winning journalist and boss of Louder Than War. In a 30 year music writing career, John was the first to write about bands such as Stone Roses and Nirvana and has several best selling music books to his name. He constantly tours the world with Goldblade and the Membranes playing gigs or doing spoken word and speaking at music conferences.


  1. WHYRL… straight outa manc… look on myspace music… WHYRL is legendary dance/hiphop producer Carl Adesile, unlegendary yoko Ono/nitin Sawheny collaborator Geo and Bavarian pianist Cassian… their album “Time In Effect” is rapadelic… Manchunia’s best kept secret…

  2. It’s great to see so many varied bands around…and it’s probably a great time to catch some of these bands…whilst they are still growing. Excellent list, John :-)

  3. Oh dear, I was late. You already covered many of my niminations but I’m going to stick a few extras down:

    LETTERS TO FIESTA – httpss:// – synths, choppy guitars and swooping octave-skipping vocals, think a darker Wild Beasts only with a strong female lead singer.

    CHI LIMPIROJ – httpss:// – one lady and one guitar from Warrington dishing up lovely little two-minute nuggets of wistful, folky acoustic pop

    FORM THE KITES OF SAN QUENTIN – httpss:// – cinematic multi-faceted glitchy progressive electronics, as comfortable (and suitable) supporting 65daysofstatic as playing at dubstep nights

    CHAPTER 24 – httpss:// – Rockabilly meets Afrobeat meets early post-punk, the first time I saw them I was stunned by how much the singer reminded me of Ari Up – unaware at the time that the latter had sadly passed away that very day.

    WILD PALMS – httpss:// – expansive effects-drenched indie brooding, echoes of Bunnymen and Chameleons but in a 21st century context

    STILL CORNERS – httpss:// – floaty shoegazey dreamwave with echoes of classic era 4AD Records

    SOMETIMES ALWAYS – They nicked their name from a Mary Chain song and specialise in fizzy dirty two minute pop – and they are from Jakarta Indonesia – FREE download EP here: httpss://

    PATTERNS – Gorgeous electrogaze with dark undercurrents, FREE download EP here: httpss://

    PIG VILLAGE – httpss:// – Brutal post-hardcore with song titles like “Dead Egyptian Boyfriend” and “This Is What The End Of The World Sounds Like”, and lots of shouting and crunchy riffs

    THE KILL VAN KULLS – httpss:// – Newe Mancunian synthpop: great big tunes, delicious little OMD-ish synth riffs, simple thumping beats and lyrics just the right side of rubbish (in a good way)

    UNCLE ROTTER – httpss:// – with titles like “Alien Sex Farm” they play what they call \’twisted disco metal\’. It\’s like a cross between 80\’s Glam Metal, Alice Cooper, and Punk.

    There might be more later…

  4. Lots to check out, just listening to Mothercoat’s ‘Waltzheimer’ now – great mix of bizarre guitar riffs and then dreamy vocals. Lush.

  5. Some great bands on here. We hosted Mothercoat when they came over (lent gear etc..) and we was blown away by there music, played a few gigs with them. Check out Naymedici. httpss://

  6. Heya OTHERNESS is the coolest new band I’ve ever heard. Their sound is fresh and original, the songwriting has BIG quality and the songs are diverse and catchy. OTHERNESS OTHERNESS OTHERNESS from La Patagonia Argentina. Pay attention to them. They are giggin’ in London right now.

  7. Hey thanks for putting Drunken Sailor Records in….find us on facebook here

  8. My boyfriend proposed to me at a Frazer King gig in Kro Bar (Oxford Road Manchester), i met the love of my life Alex at the gig, they are ridiculously good at what they do, Quite rightly in the top three! we are getting married in June. Hope they can play at our wedding if they can do it (Where can i get in touch with them apart from myspace?.

  9. Onions


    Have always liked this under rated group and would say they are my favourite band to date. Have a listen to them and decide for yourself.

  10. Smacksoft are good. Also from Korea, I recommend Apollo 18. The band won “Rookie of the Year” at the 2010 Korean Music Awards. They are playing at SXSW 2011 in March. MySpace: httpss://

  11. […] year. Louder Than War has been looking at upcoming acts for 2011 and put Smacksoft on the list: top 50 new bands tips for 2011. Dave Candlers celebrated by dedicating a special episode of his podcast to the band: Korean […]

  12. If you want to hear some interesting music from Seoul, check out Arne Von Brill. Got full album downloads for a name your price scheme (includes free) on Bandcamp. Have a listen.

  13. Wow, thank you for this list, I checked out every band on it. The only band that stood above the rest in my opinion is #35 – Produced by Steve Albini, Senium, absolutely amazing! I can’t believe a band like this exists today. Thank you Thank you Thank you Thank you Thank you Thank you Thank you Thank you Thank you Thank you for sharing! I am going to do my best to spread the word about this wonderful new band. I see that the list is not in any running order, but if it was, Senium would be my #1 pick. I am just completely amazed! I mean, I’ve been under the impression for years and years that rock music, the way we knew it was dead and pretty much a thing of the past, with no current bands around that are trying to bring it back to the way it used to be… But no way, this band proves that there are still hard working, kick ass rock bands still blasting through powerfully explosive and memorable songs. They don’t sound like Nirvana, they sound more like Nirvana is a big influence to them but they retain their own sound. They sound like the best band to come out since Nirvana in my opinion, and that’s quite a big statement because Nirvana is one of the best to ever exist! I’m searching like a mad man trying to find info and more music on the net from these guys, not much luck on my end. I would love to see them play live, I actually was lucky enough to find some live video of them on youtube. Again, I thank you very much for the heads up on this band, I feel this band is going to go somewhere soon and just can’t remain unknown for much longer sounding the way they do. I have a new favorite band now! Thank you!


    • httpss://

      Hello there josh, i have read the comments left to you, it is nice to see people voicing there opinions and still really loving and appreciating unsigned live music,and you seem very grateful for the comments, so here is mine… i do agree with you #35 are good but as a lover of good music i know the band i have left you a link to above (Victorian dad) will knock your socks off, i first witnessed there genius in my local pub in wigan a few years ago, and i have never looked back, i have followed there progression ever since.. and i look forward to them packing out stadiums in the near future!! have a listen!! xxx

  14. NEW bands being the operative word here no? So let’s make it new….Don’t think James Blake, Anna Calvi nor Jamie Woon can be considered ‘new’, given two have their debut albums already out and the latter is on his first UK tour. So, let’s be moving along and find some more actual NEW stuff and refrain from just copying more from PR and Media minds.

  15. Maybe you should have read the blog earlier no? – it’s been on this site for months…
    Maybe you could come back in 12 months and tell everyone that none of the bands are new bands.

  16. […] Louder Than War ♫ Deadbeat Echoes […]

  17. Thank you for this great list – it’ll take a while to properly go through it all. I don’t know if you’ve heard of Biting Elbows, but I saw their video and was shocked to discover an awesome band from Russia of all places.

  18. Some great bands on there, Naymedici are definitely worth a listen, top Manchester band, and there’s not much that sounds like them – gypsy folky punkish httpss:// – they run a night every Thurs at B Lounge, and we try to get there whenever we can, always a mental do! Massive Janice Graham Band fans too!

  19. […] mentioned these before and I will mention them again. Effluence are yet more proof of the mass of great young bands in the UK and a youthful collision between Muse and Nirvana but have taken their influences and run with […]

  20. […] * DELS * Divorce * Dry The River * Fever Fever * Fiction * Flats * Holy State * John & Jehn * Kong * Little Comets * Lu Lu & The Lampshades * Marques Toliver * Maverick Sabre * MNDR * The […]

  21. PistonFunkMachine

    Tap your Feet….
    We are here…. httpss://

  22. Please support this new band to win a competition. ‘The Project’ they are entering with one of their original songs. Lead singer/base player is only 14. Click here to view their video and to vote httpss://!__accesstomusicyork/the-project
    They also have a new facebook page and please like them.

  23. You’ve put down the address for the Swedish band Shining. Not the Norweigan. Here’s the correct address: httpss://

  24. Sharks///, Sauna Youth, Flats, Brain Killer, Brain F, B-Lines, Tyvek, Useless Eaters, Diet Cokeheads, Culo, Spastic Panthers, Glam, Crazy Spirit, Dawn Of Humans, Tenement, FyFan, Black Feet, Ydinperhe, Male Nurses, School Jerks, Urban Blight, Unlearn, Hoax, Coke Bust, Vaaska, Deskonocidos, Government Warning, Something Fierce, Smart Cops, Perdition . . .

  25. […] were in our top tips list for this year when we described them as “Blinking like the late-night lights across the great seething […]

  26. DEAD BARRENS:lo-fi, indie funk, “chill pop” group- 3 singles currently out, beginning work on a LP for 2012.
    Check out the DEAD BARRENS @

    Love the list, DB should probably be on there somewhere

  27. Glad to see you’ve got Deadbeat Echoes at No.1, they’re one of the bands I’ve been championing over the last 12-18 months, along with The Lost Boys and Shadow Exchange:



  28. Rubbish, what a load of tosh! Half of these John are your friends / mates bands/acts. And havent had any airplay.
    Deadbeat Echoes V Dirty North? Are you serious?

    Like your tips count

    • Actually didn’t know most of the bands on the list. And a list of bands liked at the time. Not sure if having ‘airplay’ means they should be on a list or not…

  29. Channeling dark, contemplative synths among whirring guitars and haunting vocals, The Great Last are a modern alternative.

  30. Another couple of bands I’ve recently discovered who have blown me away and deserve adding to this list are… ‘The Method’ from Cardiff and ‘The Lucid Dream’ from Carlisle. Both can be found quite easily on facebook and are well worth checking out if you’re a fan of garage/psyche type stuff.

  31. Calling All Astronauts debut single “Someone Like You” out now on iTunes httpss://

  32. Thanks , I have just been looking for information approximately this topic for a long time and yours is the best I have found out so far. However, what in regards to the conclusion? Are you certain concerning the supply?

  33. One Problem i encountered…..the “shining” that you listed are not responsible for that black jazz album, it was another band called shining from norway, wereas the one you listed is actually from sweden

  34. […] Top 57 new band tips for 2011, by John Robb [Jan 06, 2011] Of course this cannot be definitive, how could it be? These are pointers. We want to know more – if you have any more tips please add them to the comments section. Some of the bands are less new than others but with this being our first month, we want to shout about the bands we\’ve been following for the past few months. […]

  35. […] two-piece Bronto Skylift deserved to play to a bigger crowd than the handful gathered in Derby last night but the small […]

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  37. […] 54 Smacksoft – part of a burgeoning Korean rock scene. « SMACKSOFT on SEOUL UNDERGROUND » JAZZ + ROCK camping party hideout […]

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