part one of 50 new bands for 2014 is here

26. Incan Abraham

Psyche pop epics released over the years as singles now on their debut album- mashing trip out epics with global beats with a sniff of Tinariwen.

27. Aa (Big A Little a)

A musical project from Brooklyn, New York, the core members of which play percussive instruments and synthesizers. Their fourth album is out soon.

28. P.K.14

Chinese band who quote Glen Branca, Woody Guthrie and Fugazi as influences- sounds almost perfect- possibly the first band to really define the idea of playing post-punk inside China.

29. Father Murphy

One of the more weird and uncompromising of forces ever to have emerged from Italy they have a new EP due late Jan and are coming over here to tour. Expect to hear a lot more about them before the end of 2014.

30. Super Fast Girlie Show

Top 50 new bands for 2014 part 2 (from 26 to 50)

Liverpool punk trio who take the tuff gnarl of their twin bass driven attack and make some great sense out of it with a powerful live assault.

Louderthanwar review

31. The Sherlocks

Sheffield band who write great melodic songs that combine early Arctic Monkeys and Courteeners with big fervent live following.

32. C O L L E C T R E S S

A talented collective of UK based multi-instrumentalists self-releasing their enchanting debut album, Mondegreen in March 2014. They craft music both daring and unique, but also compellingly familiar and filmic.

33. Fat White Family

Skuzzy insanity from tripped out London mob with dark dreamscape songs and brilliant videos.

34. The Whereabouts

Ireland’s sharp suited and sharp riffed teenage band are getting lot of interest and ironically are from the same town as The Strypes.

Louderthanwar review

35. Sunken Seas

A new release from this industrialized space-rock trio from Wellington, New Zealand sees a further dose of dark, politicised sounds that follows up issues from their debut album ‘Null Hour’. There is a solid wall of guitar to accompany vocals that are as serious as the social and political issues they deal with. The four tracks, ‘Asylum’, ‘Seesaw’, ‘Slide Away’ and the eponymous ‘Cataclysm’ offer over twenty minutes of a brooding insight to how Sunken Seas next album will sound. Listen to this and possibly see New Zealand and the issues it faces in a whole new light.

36. The Devil

Having just released their debut album after 6 years together The Devil should burst onto the scene this year as the leading purveyor of hard hitting experimental motorik groove rock.

37. Jambinai

Brought up listening to heavy metal while playing acoustic Korean music, one day they decided to try melding the two and by doing so produced a noise somewhat akin to Melt Banana.

38. Las Robertas

Garage tinged with dreamy vocals and surf touches from great sounding band.

39. Speedy Oritz

A Northampton quartet playing the kind of eccentric noise-pop originally championed by bands like Helium, Polvo, and the Breeders back in the ’90s, which combines substantial amounts of fuzzed-out guitar with slanted melodies that refuse to go where you expect them to but end up in catchy places nonetheless.


A Parisian producer who raps and sings both in English and Spanish.

41. Ingested

Mancunian slam crew whose latest album came out end of Dec. Purveyors of punishing beatdowns, epic riffage, guttural vocals and blistering speed.

42. Baby Godzilla

Nottingham band whose live shows are billed as “death-defyingly brilliant”. They make frantic, hellish and extremely sounds.

43. Wild Ones

Portland, Oregon’s Wild Ones polished indie pop with singer Danielle Sullivan’s distinct voice, that reminds of Harriet Wheeler from The Sundays.

44. Self Defense Family

Post hardcore band on Revelation whose “Try Me” album (due out 6th Jan) is one of the most exciting albums we’ve heard in ages.

45. Silent Front

London noise-rockers Silent Front have been around for a while now, we’re expecting the release of their latest album (Trust, in Feb) to see them start getting the attention they deserve.

46. The Third Round

Another Derby band, pretty Smithsesque indie –

47. Chance the Rapper

The mixtape shows the prodigious American MC with a real talent for pairing eloquent rhymes with psychedelic, jazzy touches.

48. Positronik

Already identified by Louder Than War as one of the best new bands of 2013, Positronik are a Salford/Stockport trio that proudly purvey a blend of electronica and soul-based pop. Citing elements of St. Etienne, Blondie, Kraftwerk and New Order as influences, there’s certainly an ambient feel to the sounds conjured. A vocal style that is very easy on the ears is combined with dreamy melodic hooks to create a summery vibe that will brighten up these dark nights.

49. Dexateens

Sharing a member with Drive By Truckers, recent tour support for Alabama Shakes and a full length due out in 2014 – it’s all happening for Alabama band the Dexateens, a rock band with classic warm feel and country drawl.

Louderthanwar review

50 FKA Twigs

great dislocated modern pop from the suitably wackily haired and made up Ms. Twigs

51. Nora and the Janitors

The new album, Girls Just Want to Have Gun, from this joint project is described as a split album between two North Dakota loners obsessed with pop culture and the meaning of existence who feel their music is best described as “prairie Goth”.

Comparisons are sure to grab attention and include Joy Division (which is pretty bang on with a couple of tracks), Smiths, Pixies and Art Brut. Girls Just Want to Have Gun was released in August 2013 and is subject to an interesting range of influences. Besides punk rock and other musical genres, literature, philosophy and poetry are very important to a band who believes their lyrics are a vital expression. They also express concern about the political and social concerns that exist in North Dakota at this time and do so with some venom. Could 2014 be the year of the prairie Goth?


Stockholm indie trio mash up electro-pop beats and catchy lyrics with a side of darkness. singer Stina Wäppling’s is already a Scandinavian style icon.

part one of top 50 new bands is here

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  1. Outstanding Art punk and Situationism fae the NE of Scotland fom Bin Laden’s Daughter, been at it for years, check ’em out on Facebook, Reverbnation and you tube , here’s a link to there video for Fuck X Factor, destroy the matrix that enslaves us every second of every day

    Barnoff ‏@BigBaz71
    The Society of the Spectacle & commodity fetishism

  2. Don’t be surprised to see the re-emergence of one of 2012’s BOTD, Faerground Accidents who since Bo Mar’s sectioning have no relocated to Sheffield and play our first official gigs with the new line up this week in London and Sheffield.


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