Top 50 New Bands for 2013

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Here are our takes on the best new bands and artists for 2013!

So, as 2012 draws to a close, the Louder Than War team have put their heads together, gazed into their crystal ball and put together a list of new bands we think you should be listening to and checking out in 2013.

We’ve put together our list of ‘top 50 new bands 2013’, except there aren’t 50, there’s a few more. Because we found there was so much good rock, indie, electronic, and you-name-it bands emerging and looking like 2013 could be there year we didn’t want to leave them out.

So without further ado here are the 50 (or so) new bands you need to know for 2013.

Top 50 new bands for 2013

1. Pins

Manchester based band who out hip the Brooklyn hipsters. Not strictly new- we have already written about them several times but on verge of big breakthrough in 2013. Pins are the pinnacle of a whole new clutch of interesting new bands in Manchester with several of the bands being signed to Bella Union and many others ready to go…

LTW on Pins

2. Bird

This Liverpool three-piece has created a set of gothic songs which are dark and atmospheric, pretty and magical. They are a delight to listen to, conjuring wild imagery along the sonic journey.

LTW on Bird

3. Sundowners

The Sundowners are a 5 piece band from the Wirral that make such a sublime, shimmering guitar pop with close harmonies from the two girl singers that it sounds so utterly timeless that the song could have been a hit in any decade.

LTW on Sundowners

4. Chain Of Flowers

COF are comprised of members of some of the most brilliant brutal hardcore bands ever but they are far from a hardcore band themselves. Good on record they may be but live is where they come into their own with a lead vocalist channeling the aura of a Morrissey or Ian Curtis. Smart money says this is the next band that’ll rise above the rest by word of mouth alone:

5. Bloom

Just one video of this unknown Manchester band is out there, it sounds dark and disturbing, like early Cabaret Voltaire, a teaser of what is to follow…

6. VÃ¥r (aka War)

Been around a while but 2013 could be the year Iceage offshoot VÃ¥r overtake that band as “group most likely to…”. VÃ¥r are lofi noiseniks from a Denmark and are comprised Elias Bender Rønnenfelt and Sexdrome’s Loke Rahbek (who co-runs the label Posh Isolation).

7. The Strypes
With an average age of 16, The Strypes come from ireland and deal a super sharp 21st century take on the pre British beat boom sharp and angular, mod infused guitar rush of the pre fame Rolling Stones, Yardbirds and the plethora of razor sharp looking and sounding bands before they had hits and from a time when R n B meant something else entirely. The Strypes are about to be massive.

8.The Tea Street Band

Clint Boon has called their heady mix of electronica and rock n roll ‘cool as fuck’ and he isn’t wrong. Seamlessly blending Balearic, rave and dirty rock in a most English way 2013 could be a big year for this Liverpool band.

LTW on The Tea Street Band

9. Throne

Three bastard offspring of Sabbath, born to create doomed, downtuned, downtempo, stoner riff monsters that sound like the very London soil itself, shifting, groaning and rumbling into life. Already they’ve been making heavy waves, having shared stages with Conan, Turbowolf whilst also being regulars London’s Sexbeat nights. As well as being picked for the 2012 Desertfest, Great Escape and Radfest bills. Their latest single was released through New Heavy Sounds (Black Moth) on 3 December. Check out this public stream of a track here:

10. Angel Haze

Lyrically impressive female rapper with dazzling flow and a rapidly growing number of fans.

LTW on Angel Haze

11.  Skeleton Suite

Rising from the still smouldering ashes of Hans Island this newly formed four-piece band have stumbled upon a massive sound in just a few months of being together.

LTW on Skeleton Suite

12. Bent Cousin

Twins Amelia and Pat describe themselves as ‘cutecore/acid punk/Osmonds on cheap whizz’. We say this is punchy pop punk with rumbling basslines, gutsy riffs and lyrics that could cut as soon as delight you. The debut album is due out on New York label Team Love.

LTW on Bent Cousin

13. The Minx

The Minx had a great 2012 with well received festival sets, high profile gigs and the support of the likes of Inspiral Carpets Single. Single No Friends deserved the praise – it’s a massive stomper of chunky keyboards and bouncing guitar riffs. We expect their star will continue to rise over the next 12 months.

LTW on The Minx

14. O.W.L.S

Lead singer Toby Macfarlaine and drummer Stuffy may be known for making up the rhythm section for Graham Coxon but with O.W.L.S they’re battering out their take on early ’90s grunge, celebrating the punk rock and fun of the scene rather than the sludgy slacker side it’s remembered for. 2012 saw initial releases for the band but we’re hoping for more live dates and a record next year.

15. Post War Glamour Girls

2012 brought them a critical acclaimed EP release ‘Tragic Loss; He had such a lovely house’  along with an opening slot on the NME/ Radio 1 stage at Reading and Leeds (the band before Green Day). Think Nick Cave (Birthday Party) meets Wild Beasts with the winning formula of James’ growl mixed with the sultry voice of Alice. 2013 will see the release of their debut album and playing to a whole new world. -

16. MINE

Only a few months old MINE are a composed band whose tricky and intelligent restrained hardcore impressed from the very moment we walked into the room they were making their first ever live performance in.

17. Chvurches

Has anyone NOT been repping these guys of late? Female-fronted Scottish band who, despite being described as sounding “like Texas with synths” are actually rather good. (with apols to fans of Texas).

18. The Pheromoans

The Pheromoans are a six piece experimental rock band from the South East of England who deal in a deadpan DIY music.

LTW on The Pheromoans

19. Evil Blizzard

Mental mask wearing multi bass playing madness from Preston, recently seen supporting The Fall in Leeds, Salford and Manchester. Spotted by MES of the Fall band after an immensely loud gig in Gulliver after a tip off from Manc music legend Alex Staszko.

LTW on Evil Blizzard

20. Vince Roy

Vince Roy are a hardcore punk band that takes influence from a variety of post prefixed genres without ever succumbing to them. Which in simpler terms means they don’t rely on power chords to fuel the fire in their music, instead embracing riffs, leads, and whatever-the-hell-else hardcore bands don’t traditionally use. Vince Roy isn’t an experimental or progressive band by any means, they’re just picking and choosing through a long list of punk rock’s sonic vocabulary and applying the words as they see fit. The end result is something akin to a more raw, and instrumentally busy Comeback Kid. Unreasoning Animals is the band’s debut full length, forcefully putting Vince Roy on the map as a force to be reckoned with.

21. Fidlar

Fidlar spent 2012 building up a reputation as ‘ones to watch’ so would be churlish not to include them here. Surf rock for modern age.

LTW on Fidlar

22. Scott and Charlene’s Wedding

Affecting music done the simple jangling guitars way. Slacker pop.

LTW on Scott and Charlene’s Wedding

22. Furrow

They claim that ‘ Punk is an idea not a sound’ and create a great mash up of K Records DIY ethos, ’80s hardcore punk and shoegaze.
Furrow bandcamp.
Furrow soundcloud

23. Vales

Former Louder Than War ‘New Band of the Day’ artists, Cornwall’s Vales have recently signed to a US label and will be releasing their debut album in 2013. Female fronted screamo hardcore.

24.Death at Sea

Another Liverpool band making our list – Death at Sea embody the DIY ethic with their simple, homemade approach to fuzzy guitars and lo-fi production. Somewhere between pop and punk they’ve supported more established acts and started emerging as ones to watch in their own right.

25. Stalagmites

A great wall of ethereal guitar noise, demo produced by the legendary Dingo (who? … bemused Ed).

Part 2 of the new bands for 2013 list (numbers 26 to 50) is here…

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  1. The Gaa Gaas

  2. You forgot the sett lol you will be hearing from us in 2013 ybbi!!!

  3. Chris Devotion And The Expectations
    Stanley Odd
    The State Broadcasters
    Fat Goth
    I’m sure there’s more….

  4. Keith Goldhanger

    …. “Rachel Zeffira” will win the Mercury Prize in September, “Arrows of Love” will be on Skins or whatever the yoof watch on the telly nowadays, “Nadine Shah” will be on Jools Holland, “Citizens!” will be on a b&Q advert “Joyland” will be on Radio One,two, five and six, “Antlered Man” will pull a HUGE crowd at Reading festival, “St Spirit” will be on one of the big stages somewhere else, “Fractures” will be ridiculed in NME, “Eliza and the bear” will have their songs played on MATCH OF THE DAY 2 (only on the SUNDAY edition) and you won’t be able to get in the dance tent at Glastonbury when “CLEAN BANDIT” play at 3 o’clock on the Friday afternoon… – 2013 , a bit like 2012, a lot like 2011 and even more like 2010 but on bigger stages in front of thousands of more people-
    oh…and i don’t think we’ll see much more of that dog that won Britains got talent. xx

  5. Lumin Bells

  6. Sicknote
    Hector Bizerk
    Louis Barabbas & The Bedlam Six

  7. The slaves, two piece total energy

    • Do The Slave realise there has been another band called The Slaves around for years and years?? Covers band, but very big

  8. FU-East London trio who release their debut EP ‘Collapsar’ this Feb and have toured the Uk and Europe with their alt folk/heavy post punk sound and had radio play from Gideon Coe, Tom Ravenscroft, John Kennedy.
    Plaided- all female band from Vienna, Austria whose ‘Playdate’ debut album reached some important best of lists for 2012. Toured Europe and America with Grass Widow and Friends and Lovers and are at SXSW this March.

  9. Our Time Down Here had a massive 2012 and I think 2013 will be even bigger. Best band on the South Coast at the mo.

  10. I thought root system might have featured after your jaunt to Fife in November..

  11. The feckin pUKEs!!!

  12. Tu Amore

  13. Brilliant new band, and Mancs at that, are Embers. See and hear teh wonderful Hollow CAge filmed at Gorton Monastery here

  14. STELLA MARTYR, New band from Exeter, played our very first gig in November supporting Peter Hook and The Light on his Unknown Pleasures tour. Looking forward to a couple of support slots with Public Service Broadcasting at the end of February, here’s our facebook page,,

  15. Sebastopol! Fantastic album – or does it count as edge of 2012? Still – should be big in ’13!

  16. Good Stuff! Check out hate notes too!

  17. Theres a band rising up in North Carolina called Carson Alley go check them out on facebook and youtube

  18. Ainsley Walker

    Mets, Peace, Melody’s Echo Chamber.

  19. Ainsley Walker


  20. twitter_shackanoryLFC

    You’re not wrong, The Tea Street Band are shit hot.

  21. I’ve gotta say The Virginmarys for sure.
    1)They’re from the U.K
    2)They’re like a combo of Jet, Queens of the Stone Age, and The White Stripes:)

    Dead Man’s Shoes<3

  22. All the Young
    The Blue Collars

  23. Check out Maragold with Greg Howe and co.!!

  24. Thanks for the tip on Hate Notes – they hit the spot


  26. Check out the new swedish band Kerbera. They just released their first single and musicvideo “Inglorious”

  27. You should have a listen to “UNDER THE HOOD” out of Atlanta and also “HEAD END DRIVER”. Real Music This Way >>> Find them on Reverbnation.

  28. Black Veil Brides -__-


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