Top 50 new bands for 2012

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Top 57 new bands to look out for in 2012
New rock bands for 2012
New indie bands for 2012
1. Rats On Rafts
Dutch band raved about on this site several times look set for 2012 breakthrough. Already happening in Holland their spiky take on the melodic end of post punk is thrilling.

2. Mueran Humanos
Argentinian duo based in Berlin whose dark post Suicide keyboard music in both unsettling and provocatively artful but also highly captivating.

3. The Ladykillers
Liverpool band whose teenage guitar rush hints at Buzzcocks finery

4. Effluence
Teenage trio from Lancashire who sound like a violent Muse or incendiary Nirvana, also armed with great songs.

5. Horse Brothers
Featuring the remarkable Dave Barbarossa, the former Bow Wow Wow drummer who retains his Burundi drumming and has allied it to a Jon Spencer Blues Explosion strident rock n roll in this great duo.

6. Xup

One girl in love with rock n roll making great DIY songs,each with their own video.7.  White Swallow
Post White Stripes duo from mid Lancs who take the blues squall to a logical extreme.

8. Folks

Top 57 new bands for 2102
Top 57 new bands for 2102

Crafted Mancuian guitar band with uber Beatle melodies and classic songs

9. Dressing For Pleasure

Spotted on the recent Adam Ant tour, their Warpaint flavoured atmospheric songs benefited from the punky and can we say neo Goth take.

10. Unicorn Power

Of the wall electro disco songs that sound like proper hits.

11. The Narrows
on the fringes of Manchester’s music scene, their “electronic pop is rather more original and inspired than most. Account to our reviewer, ‘ They are  completely fucking crackers, as becomes clear before they even take to the stage for this their biggest hometown headline show to date.’

12. The Dead Hormones

Highly original band from Goole who make tripped out music

13. Super White Assasin

Quirky girl/boy electro pop on Hacienda records
14. 2.54Not enough bands use numbers in their names! 2.54 are dark moody shoe gazers.

15. Ministers Dead

Dead Kennedys is the prime influence on this UK band’s snappy and sharp rush of songs

16.  Childhood

Smart pop

17.  Biteback

There are not enough new punk bands on the scene but these old stagers have put together a blistering band of scene vets.

18. Luca Pancho

19. Skeletons On Holiday

Dark guitar shocks, moody.

20. Commache

Also spotted on Adam Ant tour, featuring real native Americans and some feisty noise.

21. Morrissey & Marshall

According to our man who knows these are ‘2 lads from Dublin who when they sing make me wanna cry.., but for good reasons….its like they were made to sing with each other.., moved to London from Ireland late last yr…’
22. Goddam The Band
Wolverhampton based shenanigans….
23. Yurt
Prog noise crew from Dublin
24. Ic1 
Our corrospondant raves…’NW London band.. but I think they’ll maybe do some thing,???NME have just had this single in to review..so that might make them not so new if they’re on to it…’

New bands of the year 2012 … part 2 (numbers 25 – 50)



  1. John your playing the favours game, how many of your tips do you really like? New bands? 3 years old is new then?

  2. I like all the ones I put in there- I didn’t do the whole list though.
    Not sure what favours you are talking about from penniless young bands!

    • I applaud yours, and others, decisions in that list…What exactly is set in stone as a new band? To me a lot of them are new because they’re new to me, I haven’t heard them yet…but I’m looking forward to listening to quite a few of them. I love how a lot of bands haven’t had their (excuse the pun) band wagon jumped on, by shouting out fairly new ones who are already getting quite a lot of recognition anyway. Thanks for the list and for all the NEW music I am about to discover.

    • regarding a band that is Clash-inspired that is pretty damned authentic:

      Outernational! — JR…you need to check them out if you haven’t already. Saw them open for GBH here in Richmond,VA a few years back. So new and shiney, everyone was standing there absorbing how things come back around.

  3. Check out SkAttered Union. we have been playing them at our radio station a lot lately and get requests daily for their songs.


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