Top 50 New Albums To Look Out For In 2013Looks like a busy year on the album front in 2013. We can’t vouch for all of these getting released but with a mixture of rumour and of definite releases we can give you the top 50 new albums to look forward to, maybe, in 2013…

1. Stone Roses : TBA

They are still rehearsing away. There are reports of new songs. My guess is album in the autumn or maybe early next year?

2. Savages : TBA

Very much the band of the moment with their dark tinged, powerful music hinting at Bauhaus and Joy Division and all the great female icons of the punk era rolled into one but with very much their own stamp on things.

3. Adam Ant ‘…Is the Blueblack Hussar in Marrying the Gunner’s Daughter’

We heard it a year ago and it sounds great–rough and raw edged and the demo quality adds to its power- breathtaking variation of songs as well from industrial to twangy to neo ballads…

4. Nick Cave : Push The Sky Away

After the fab and noisy mid life crisis of Grinderman Mr Cave returns to sumptious, sly and darkly brilliant song writing of his other incarnation- himself…

5. Iceage : TBA

Now signed to matador Danish discordent punk band can either get more wilfully wild or strip it down- this will be a fascinating release…

6. Factory Floor : Fall Back

The great dirty disco band are back with anew album of stripped dow, dark electronic pulses- could be one of the albums of the year.

7. Mogwai : Les Revenants Soundtrack

More loud/quiet atmospheric guitar brilliance from the great Glasgow band

8. My Bloody Valentine : TBA

It’s been mastered. it must be ready…will expectation kill the long awaited album or will people just listen to as a piece of music… an intriguing release…

9. Johnny Marr : The Messanger

The Mancunian guitar hero is back…his gig last year in Manchester was great like he was reclaiming his own heritage which is a good sign for the album…

10. The Bronx : The Bronx IV

LA punk rock crew show how punk rock should be played in the 21st century- tough and powerful but with a mind of its own that is not bogged down by any limitations…

11.M.I.A.: Matangi

At last the album is ready for release- could be one of the big ones as MIA redefines the modern beat and the electronic pulse of the world’s inner cities to her own agenda.

12. No Age : TBA

making the perfect noise for the new millennium, they were fighting some light and shade in their abrasive noise and could be due a big jump…

13. Richard Thompson : Electric

English folk hero arrives in the middle of the folk revival with a veteran’s wink of an eye…

14. The Horrors: Higher 

Their last two albums showed a big and brilliant swerve in sound from garage rock to moody soundscape- expect further explorations and experimentation from one of the best young UK bands…

15. Azealia Banks: Broke With Expensive Taste

She burst on the scene last year with one of the freshest sounds hip hop has heard for years, the new album should consolidate this.

16. The Joy Formidable : TBA

Moody indie pop big enough to fill stadiums

17. Forest Swords :TBA

Quirky brilliant, guitar twanging, moody soundscapes with electronic clatter- brilliant stuff- really looking forward to this one.

18. Black Sabbath :TBA

With or without drummer Bill Ward this April album is one of the biggies- could be the last stnad from one of the most influential bands of all time whose dark metal casts a long shadow over most contemporary culture.

19. CharliXCX : TBA

The february release of girl singer and perveyour of goth pop will see her establish herself as a thoroughly modern pop star who can hook into the underground with her darkly smart pop

20. The Pastels : TBA

New album rumoured in February from the highly influential Glasgow kings and queens of indie.

21. Super Fast Girlie Show : TBA

Ferocious punk rock from Liverpool band

22. Palma Violets : TBA<

If they can defy the hype the latest British guitar band that want to change the world with song can make their mark.

23. The Asphodells: Ruled By Passion, Destroyed By Lust

The brilliant Andrew Weatherall returns in the guise of moody electro pop…

24. Mudhoney : TBA

The kings of grunge were on a psychedelic tip last we heard- whatever they do it’s tinged with genius…

25. Yeah Yeah Yeahs : TBA

rumoured spring album from the hipster band who transcend the world of cool with great songs and a brilliant front woman.

26. Sleigh Bells : TBA

Their last album veered too much towards ‘hoping to sell records’ . lets hope they find their abrasive touch again.


Great brattish, guitar strewn loose punk rock- kinda like the Heartbreakers played by hardcore obsesed slackers- brilliant.

28. Bad Religion : True North

How many albums have they released? influential Cali-punks back for another, in late January, statement on the world with buzzsaw guitars.

29. Dutch Uncles : TBA

Highly tipped Mancunian band seek the formulae for the breakout- maybe this time?

30. Autechre : TBA

Rumoured new album from Sheffield based former Mancs who deal out spectral electronic music that breaks all the barriers.

31. Chvrches : TBA

Climactic, atmospheric pop that is already being tipped as being one of the triumphs of the year…

32. Godspeed, You Black Emperor : TBA

It’s just an internet rumour and they did release an album last year and never seem to be in a hurry to release stuff but we are hoping for more apocolyptic post hardcore with strings…

33. Earl Sweatshirt: Doris 

Thebe Neruda Kgositsile or Earl Sweatshirt from hip hop collective and mangler of genres Odd Future takes the solo route…

34. Primal Scream : TBA

Again it’s only rumours but we are looking forward to the post mani Primals album especially after kick ass recent gigs…

35. Thought Forms : Ghost Mountain

Bristol based band who deal in delayed guitars, feedbacks, drones, and layers of sound.

36. Dillenger Escape Plan : TBA

Possible return for the post hardcore band whose powerful music can get messy onstage.

37. Tyler the Creator: Wolf 

Another member of the Odd Future rewriters of hip hop history , Tyler- real name Frank Ocean came out this year which sadly shocked many people. This album will perhaps deal with this whilst still dealing cutting edge music.

38. Queens Of The Stone Age : TBA

Rumours and denials- let’s hope something is happening- could do with another dose of their tripped out rock.

39. Tomohawk : TBA

Return of one of the best rock bands in the world- showcasing the brilliant guitar work of Jesus Lizard, Duane Dennison and the effefescent Mike Patton.

40. Frightened Rabbit : TBA

Scottish folkies who broke big in the USA- always have a soft spot for them as they came from Selkirk in the Scottish borders where my mother grew up!

41. British Sea Power : TBA

Could there be a new album from the atmospheric and quite brilliant Sea Power…

42. Yo La Tengo : Fade

Long term Hoboken hipsters with ore crafted songs for music jouranlists to love!

43. Delphic : TBA

Moody electronic Mancs…

44. Pissed Jeans : Honeys

Still one of the great band names- we hope for more noisy fucked anthems…

45. AC/DC : TBA

They still have the second best selling album of all time to their name and still sell millions of records and never change their sound- just perfecting it with every album rumoured…

46. Suede : TBA

Arch Britpop glamsters making a rumoured return to the frey…

47. Edwyn Collins : Understated

More crafted guitar gems expected from the wonderful Mr. C.

48. New Order : Lost Sirens

Will the post Hooky New Order still cut it?

49. Depeche Mode: TBA

The influential Depeche Mode will hopefully be further exploring their dark side…

50. Devendra Banhart : Mala

Tripped out guitar wonderfulness?

Veronica Falls: Waiting For Something to Happen

New indie heroes!

Esben and the Witch – Wash The Sins Not Only The Face 

Great dark swirls of Neu Goth like Diamanda Galas from the shires…

Bring me The Horizon

Thrillingly noisy UK metal crew , massive round the world and should be Mercury prize winners…

65daysofstatic Posted in their band blog on 12th December that “album number 6 is rising / hatching / forming like so many Terminator / Jurassic Park / The Thing analogies. This could be the weirdest one yet, but you’re going to have to wait a little longer” – this probably means an autumn release, and as in the three years since their last regular studio album there’s been the “Silent Running” film soundtrack as well as Polinski’s more electronic solo album I’m very excited to see where they go with this.

Manchester’s The Longcut seem to have been working on their third album for ever, though with band members becoming dads in the past year (including twins for one) this isn’t exactly surprising. Occasional dates in 2012 introduced some great new songs, longer and more prog inspired than ever: no release date as yet but we’re hoping it’s 2013!

Mixing up archive propaganda and, unsurprisingly, public servic broadcast samples with driving motorik rhythms, catchy synthpop melodies and post-rock inspired instrumentation Public Service Broadcasting.

….and maybe, Franz Ferdinand…

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  1. Somewhere in there should be Stay Golden by Taddy Porter. A great rock album with a comparable vibe to the Black Keys. I was hooked ever since hearing their single Fever



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