top 5 new punk and hardcore bands from 2011
top 5 new punk and hardcore bands from 2011

top 5 new punk and hardcore bands from 2011
top 5 new punk and hardcore bands from 2011

7” 33/45 RPM Records Of 2011

Phew, what a 12-months . . . I don’t think I can recall a year since the early 80s when I bought as much vinyl as I did this year . . . and thus, I’ve duly decided to offer 12-monthly appraisal in two-parts as a consequence, with the 33/45 RPM 7″ ers below . . . and the 33/45 RPM 12″ ers to follow at a later date.

Of course, that’s one of the prominent features of post-modern vinyl: right time, wrong speed. John Peel would have had a mare had he still been alive spinning this shit on Radio 1 (as I’m certain he would have been had he still been) – a severe case of talk-amongst-yourselves, I’ll be bound.

These records have been duly noted in strictly alphabetical order . . . the earnest importance here being the vitality and indispensable nature of these artifacts, not the originality of the words. As is custom amongst labels and distro outlets alike in the 21st century, the words that follow are a mish-mash of original, found, and press-release-share modes. One thing unites all these records, however: they are all genius!

Just for the record (no pun intended), my favourite punk rock 45 of 2011 was Skizophrenia’s S/T EP – whilst my favourite post-punk-pop record of 2011 was The Wind-Up Birds’ ‘Meet Me At The Depot’ .

A Parade Of Shiny New Record Sleeves: the top 5…




1.  Crazy Spirit ”“ I’m Dead (Toxic State)

NYC bung scene stalwarts/part-time members of other NYC hardcore bands: Perdition, Dawn Of Humans, Hank Wood and the Hammerheads




2. Dead Mutations ”“ Crash The Clubs (Static Shock)

DEAF MUTATIONS is the brainchild of Dave Brown (also of Career Suicide) and they play violent, hardcore punk that wouldn’t sound out of place on the Master Tape comp. The recordings on this 7″ were originally released in late 2008 as a very limited cassette that didn’t really make it out of Toronto.



3. Death Evocation ”“ Death Evocation (Quality Control HQ)

Sacrilege style jams from some special guests visiting the UK from Boston, USA, explore the mechanisation of society, alienation and rise of the wastelands. Turbulent female vocals cut through some serious chug and a familiar snare sound creating images of a metal army marching against police bastard tyranny, alongside some seriously wank-worthy solos. Slayer and early Trouble influences also play a part, what is not to like?




4. Family Enema ”“ S/T EP (Dead Section Records)

Female vocal-led punk rock filth of a ferocity hitherto only imagined in fantasy sequences.





5. Glam ”“ S/T EP ”“ (La Vida Es En Mus)

Debut EP from this young Barcelona band called Glam: six tracks of ultra-aggressive hardcore that calls to mind SIBERIA or early INVASION. Fast, sharp energy bursts, manic drumming, no time to waste! The whole EP clocks at 5-minutes and one second. Divide that by 6-songs: you get the idea.

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