Top 100 New Band Tips For 2012 by Shell Zenner – Part 2Part 2 of Shell Zenner’s Top 100 New Band Tips For 2012. Part 1 is here.

  1. Hook And The Twin: One of my songs of 2011 was delivered courtesy of these guys, their debut single ‘We’re So Light’ was a long time coming and has completely whet my appetite for a record.

  1. No Ceremony: I’m excited to see they made Amazing Radio’s 12 x 12 tips for the new year as I rate them too, Its a sound thats hard to pigeonhole but it has multiple layers and works on the experimental side of the tracks.

  1. Ronika: Producer come vocalist Ronika is another act causing a buzz in Nottingham and actually sang backing vocals on Swimmings latest album ‘Ecstatics International’. A force to be reckoned with.

  1. Elephant: Dreamy, synth pop with an 80s feel, their gorgeous Assembly EP must be heard.

  1. Factory Floor: In 2011 I hailed them the future of dance music, if we do head back to rave then this band would be at the top of the bill for me. It’s intense, it’s almost tribal, it’s amazing.

  1. Sharks Took The Rest: Described as “blissful, panoramic with lush, chamber-style textures, swoonsome female vocals and an artful dash of electronica” elsewhere, who am I to argue?

  1. The Chevin: Recently toured in support of White Lies, I believe Leeds band The Chevin will be one of the guitar bands of 2012 with their energetic foot stompers.

  1. Saturday Night Gym Club: An array of assorted synths, drum machines and violins form layers and textures aplenty in their sound.

  1. Foreign Office: Having seen these guys support Erasure in Delamare Forest and support Carl Barat across the UK, I’m expecting great things from them in 2012. Unashamed earworm pop music thats ripe for the mainstream.

  1. Fairewell: AKA Johnny White has only played a handful of shows and yet his debut ‘Poor, Poor Grendel’ got rave reviews from The Times, Rough Trade and more on its release. Shoegazey splendour.

  1. Hatcham Social: Again not new, but they still haven’t reached their potential. I adored their debut album ‘You Dig The Tunnel, I’ll Hide The Soil’ and am hotly anticipating their follow up.

  1. Retriever: If you dig The Duke Spirit and My Bloody Valentine I think there is every chance you will dig Retriever, dark, incessant and bloody tasty.

  1. Django Django: It’s been a long time coming but I think their debut album is within reach, due out at the end of the month. Get ready to groove.

  1. Janice Graham Band: I could repeat the exact same sentiment again, Manchesters favorite soul and ska sons are releasing their debut album on Acid Jazz records shortly and I can’t wait for the world to fall in love with their sound.

  1. Tribes: Britpop and grunge were good really weren’t they? Tribes channel a sound that has exactly those influences and in my view it’s no bad thing.

  1. The Neat: I feel like I’ve been waiting almost forever for The Neat to deliver an abum, I really hope they don’t disappoint me again in 2012. These punksters are Hulls most exciting export since The Paddingtons.

  1. Jenson Sportag: This duo prove that there is more than folk and blues heading out Nashville, let their 80s vibes wash over you.

  1. Fossil Collective: It was 2010 when they released the glorious On and On and I’m still waiting to hear more, lets hope they deliver more gorgeous folk infused numbers this year.

  1. Pandr Eyez: After catching the Cascine signings in London at the end of last year I’ve got high hopes for this dub-soul outfit.

  1. Electricity In Our Homes: Their last release was on the hip O Genesis record label run by The Charlatans Tim Burgess and Factory Floors Nik Colk. Outstanding on record and live.

  1. Cashier No 9: A band whos album I didn’t have time to give enough of a listen to in 2011 but on reflection should have made time to listen to. Their singles have been packed full of lush instrumentation that you really should check out.

  1. The Stepkids: A band comprising three singer/ songwriters with beautiful harmonious results..

  1. Kai Fish: Mystery Jet Kai Fish has struck out on his own with spectacular results, My Anima is breathtaking and personally I can’t wait to hear more off his debut LP Life In Monochrome.

  1. Air Cav: Herald a local band that aren’t frightened to show us their violin. Its subtle tones overlaying an intense indie sound that has been long awaited. Their debut album ‘Don’t Look Indoors’ is out shortly.

  1. Rozi Plain: Bristol based Rozi Plain is gearing up for the release of her second album but recently released the deliciously pretty See My Boat.

  1. Clean George IV: No they’re not a cheeky Soap & Glory product, but a band, but even album ‘God Save The Clean’ makes me giggle. Its not all style over substance though, they sound great.

  1. CITIZENS!: Freshly signed to Kitsune, this fresh and infectious number has the 80s stamped through it.

  1. Dresden: What? An indie guitar band with a synth and its not all doom and gloom? Are you sure? Dresden have been working with producer Dave Tolan and I think special things are brewing.

  1. Said The Whale: The Vancouver based indie rockers are readying their third full length album presently, their almost theatrical sound is exceptionally endearing.

  1. City Reign: Someone I follow on twitter today asked for more guitar bands in 2012 and he was right, stop with the guitar bashing already! Local grown talent of the indie persuasion that packed a punch on their Numbers For Street Names EP

  1. Diagrams: Sam Genders is the kind of the teaser, numerous videos have appeared over the internet in recent weeks building to the release of album ‘Black Light’, its easy on the ear but simultaneously upbeat.

  2. Frankie Rose: She’s lost part of her former moniker ‘and the outs’ but hasn’t lost any of the sparkle she possesses. Second album Interstellar is out In february and promises to catapult her to the next level.

  3. John Herring: Salford troubadour John Herring is readying his second album and releases lead single ‘It Starts Again’ this month. Understated sounds not dissimilar to local bands I Am Kloot and Elbow.

  4. Cave Painting: A Brighton based outfit walking a fine line between chill and tropical sounds which I’m entranced with.

  5. Nada Surf: This american alternative rock band are definitely not new, they formed back in 1992! But a new record is in the offing this year, their seventh to be precise and I like what i’ve heard so far.

  6. Cut Ribbons: Welsh boy girl harmonies with an energetic indie backing.

  1. Nat Johnson & The Figureheads: A Sheffield based five piece releasing their second album I’m Across, I’m Ashore this year. Stunning vocals, wide ranging instrumentation and one of the sweetest sounds i’ve heard in months.

  2. Girls Names: Wistful surf rock if debut record Dead To Me is anything to go on.

  3. Bastille: South London’s Dan Smith has been recording as Bastille for the best part of a year and his track Flaws was a blog hit. New single Laura Palmer has helped to spread the word but there is much more to come.

  4. Team Me: A twee pop Norwegian six piece with a forthcoming debut record called ‘To The Treetops!’ due for release in march.

  5. D/R/U/G/S: Two become one? Yes George is no more and Cal is leading the solo charge with his brand of euphoric trance-dance as coined by The Guardians Paul Lester.

  6. Spector: Just Like Lana Del Rey, Spector seem to divide opinion. Lead singer Fred, formely Fred Les of Les Incompetents is well known on the London indie scene. Serious 80s indie pop vibes.

  7. Worship: After failing at the last minute to see them live in 2011, I’m making it my mission to see them in ’12. Their classic, dark sound is supported by a knockout chorus.

  8. Sunless 97: Owning a vinyl record by a band cons me into the belief that they’re alternative and not mainstream, but in this case you can be alternative and played on daytime Radio 1. I bow down to their appropriately named Making Waves EP.

  9. Paul Thomas Saunders: Recently in session with John Kennedy on Xfm and described as at the intersection of Jeff Buckley Street and Radiohead Boulevard.

  10. Clock Opera: Synth rock that builds and builds before exploding with electro energy.

  11. Plant Plants: No, not a mistaken foray into gardening, this electro dance duo based in Hackney pffer a mean line in melodic electronica.

  1. Ghosting Season: A relatively new band from a relatively old partnership – WorriedAboutSatan. When their new material didn’t fit with their classic sound, Ghosting Season was born and on what my eyes have witnessed, you must seem them live.

  2. Chad Valley: I have been following Hugo’s progress with interest for a couple of years now and he gets better and better live, he’s a one-man band electronica genius.

  3. Francois & The Atlas Mountains: The first ever french band signed to Domino Records offers a gorgeous pop blend of vocals, keyboards and African percussion. 

Top 100 New Band Tips For 2012 by Michelle Zenner – Part 1.

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  1. […] part 2: top 100 new bands for 2012 from 51 to 100 is here…. […]

  2. Great list – many hours well spent listening to all of these. I have some new favourite bands now, aka Dry the River, Dog is Dead and Ren Harvieu


  3. so many great manchester bands missing.
    gnod, frazer king, dirty north yossairians, salford media city, butchers, warm widow, dead sea apes, drink and drive….i could go on.

  4. so many great manchester bands missing.
    gnod, frazer king, dirty north yossairians, salford media city, butchers, warm widow, dead sea apes, drink and drive….i could go on

    • thanks steve,

      we’ve already written bout most of those bands on the site so don’t consider them new any more. Also it’s not a list of manchester bands.
      There’s live reviews and interviews with FK and DN and some of the others have been referenced, any that are missing you are welcome to write about!


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