Luis Suarez - top 10 vampire songs

Luis Suarez - top 10 vampire songs

Liverpool star Luis Suarez turned into a vampire in this weekend’s match against Chelsea.

With an 8 match ban looming we thought he could fill in his time listening to some vampire rock music…

1. Bauhaus ‘Bela Lugosi’s Dead’
The classic debut single from Bauhaus created a whole new genre of music but is better than that- a dark dub excursion that sounds as revolutionary now as it did then. Genius song.

2. Buzzcocks ‘Love Bites’
Not a single but the brilliant second album from the Mancunian pop punk heroes, released in 1978 it reached number 13 in the charts.

3. Queen ‘Another One Bites The Dust’

The one with the massive riff

4. Vampire Weekend
Suarez managed to be a vampire for a brief and insane one minute- for some people it’s for life or at least a weekend…

5. Neil Young ‘Vampire Blues’
Not strictly about vampires but a song that uses the long fanged ones as a metaphor for the greed of the oil industry. From Neil Young’s 1974 classic On the Beach.

6. My Chemical Romance ‘Vampires Will Never Hurt You’
The debut single from the recently split MCR that set their stall for their melodramatic, dark hearted Emo that also manages to take the piss out of bands playing with the vampiric imagary.

7. Monster Magnet ‘Goliath And The Vampires’

Missing in action rockers with a vampiric rocker.

8. Radiohead, ‘We Suck Young Blood’
Brit indie heroes at their most gothic with a piano driven song that portrays old, powerful people as vampires out to suck the life from the young and weak.

9. Outkast ‘Dracula’s Wedding’
The great Outkast sing about the horror of falling in love being worse than the darkest of the dark…

10. The Misfits ‘Vampira’

Well they had to be in here didn’t they! “Vampira,” from their debut album Walk Among Us, finds frontman Glenn Danzig outlining his fantasy to hook up with vampire lady in a cemetery.

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  1. For your consideration, the Manchester band Nine Black Alps w/ their excellent ‘Vampire In The Sun’ httpss://


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