Sunn O))) '00 Void'
Top 10 sunshine songs for a sunny day
Sunn O))) ’00 Void’


What is this warm stuff tumbling from the skies?

Where has the endless cold and damp gone? suddenly everyone is running around half naked and in a  great mood.

In the rest of the world sunshine is greeted in a blase manner but in the UK everyone goes crazy- when the sun is out this is the best country in the world and to celebrate here are 10 great songs sort of about the sunshine.


1. The Kinks ‘Sunny Afternoon’

Only Ray Davies could write a dark and sardonic song about the sunshine.

As the protagonist sits in the sunshine of the swinging sixties his life possessions are taken away from him leaving him with the warmth of that one glorious moment.

A song of such genius that every time you hear it you are surrounded by the warm glow of awe.




2. The Stranglers ‘Always the Sun’

One of the great late period Stranglers songs and proof that when you stripped away all the menace and the aggression there was a highly sensitive band that could create songs of atmosphere, texture and beauty. The 1988 song should have been a huge hit but stalled at 30 something due to lack of radio play- despite this it remains a big live favourite to this day and , ironically,  a radio staple.


3. The Beatles ‘Good Day Sunshine’

A jaunty Macca number from the early fab period of the Beatles history.

In anyone else’s hands this could have been annoying but touched with the Beatles genius it sounds like a huge hit single that never was and an optimistic ditty that hints at the music hall that was always in the background the Beatles creativity.


4. The Libertines ‘Don’t look Back Into The Sun’

Putting the rocks back into Rock Star, for a brief moment the Libertines were the future before the dark sticky tar of hard drugs poisoned them. In this song they seem to ackowledge the future set out for them singing about potentially blowing it like they knew they had an in built obsolescence.


5. TV On The Radio ‘Staring On The Sun’

The breakthrough song for Brooklyn’s psychedelic art rock favourites with Tunde Adebimpe’s looped vocals creating this trippy indie masterpiece.


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  1. Awesome playlist for today. How about this as a future contender for the next years heat wave list JohnRobb? Idle Violets – “Bother Me (Summer Song)”


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