Top 10 suggestions for the new Doctor Who – musicians and others

After the success of our suggestions for the Manchester United manager we come up with another list of music types who should be considered for an iconclastic role…

Mark Smith 

The great Smith has not only already sung about time travel – he also has the mystical nous necessary for being the doctor as well as being interested in messing with the controls on the amps on stage that shows his scientific knowledge, sort of. He would also be perfect taking on the daleks – the look of confusion of the wheeled dustbins when confronted by the Mancunian Doctor Why would be priceless


Mozza has the necessary foppish quotient for a good doctor and that curiously Englishness that the role attracts. He would confuse the baddies with Oscar Wilde quips and asides that would wind everyone up.

Dave Vanian

The Damned frontman even has his own outfit at the ready – a Transylvanian Dracula doctor with a silken voice he would be perfect for the role.

Doctor Robert

Well he is already a doctor…

Johnny Rotten

Running around the universe sneering at everyone and being rude to aliens – this is a new kind of doctor; he also brings his own wardrobe of wacky eccentric outfits necessary for a remake of an eighties doctor.

Kate Bush

It’s about time they had a female doctor and the great Kate is kooky enough for the role and she is also glamorous enough to not bother with the assistant- two roles in one!

Top 10 suggestions for the new Doctor Who – musicians and others


It doesn’t have to be a speaking role – the tardis could become an endless party zone as the doctor with his own pills and with a background in a very different kind of medication boogies with the baddies

Alex James

Well he gets every other job on the TV, whether he can do them or not…

Liam Gallagher

The beady eye will be well placed to tell all types of alien nonsense to ‘fuck off’

Some bloke from Mumford and Sons

They are bound to be doctors already so that would help, they may also get exterminated pretty early on which would be a plus…

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