In the past week the planet earth has been battered by the debris of space and to acknowledge these end time showers we have turned to the great and frankly freaky corners of pop for a top 10 songs of space…maybe we should have included Brain Cox but he is far better at explains the complex and fascinating than making music…


1. David Bowie ‘Space Oddity’

The first hit from the Starman was this genius acoustic oddity that floated into the charts in the late sixties and somehow captured the epic loneliness of space.

2. Hawkwind ‘Silver Machine’
Possibly the ultimate is space rock and one of those glorious moments in pop culture when the freaks storm the boringly straight world of the top 5.

3. Pink FLoyd ‘Astronomy Dominie’
Syd barrett already seemed to be in outer space and drenched in LSD he already probably thought he was- the first track on their debut album still sound icily cold and drenched in the emptiness of deep space.

4. Muse ‘Supermassive Black Hole’
Last week’s meteor show would be darfed into submission if the earth was engulfed by the black hole that Muse sing about on their funkiest moment yet- a kind of Trex meets space age funk classic.

5. The Carpenters ‘Calling Occupants Of Interplanetry Craft’
Written by Klaatu the dreamy secretive studio project that everyone thought was the Beatles in the mid seventies that saw them have a mini success. Covered by the Carpenters with their added straightness somehow conspiring to make the sound even weirder.

part 2 of the top 10 space songs is here…

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  1. @louderthanwar Silver Machine is actually about a train!! ‘It rides subways thru time, it’s an electric line…’ etc etc!!


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