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6. The Beatles ‘Across The Universe’
Written by John Lennon somewhere between his acid daze and his new craze for meditation resulting in a song that is a real trip if never really recorded properly. it was given away at first for a World Wildlife album which was a rarity for the Beatles before being rerecorded and dumped as an afterthought on Let It Be- an ignominious fate for one of Lennon’s favourite Beatles song.

7. The Byrds ‘Eight Miles High’
The Byrds finest monument is one of those great sixties songs that sounds like its almost as much about drugs than it’s about space itself. Worth a listen for the intro alone – a real trip.

9. Billy Haley and the Comets ‘Rock Around the Clock’
Yes, of course the song has no space lyrics but obviously this makes the list due to the name of the king of kiss curls band. The first king of rock n roll for a brief few months before Elvis swept him aside Bill Haley swing band jazz take on rock n roll. There was a time when this would appear from the heavens and bombard the charts every few years.

10. Babylon Zoo ‘Spaceman’
Remember this? the ultimate one hit wonder that hit the top of the charts. Written by Jas Mann, who had been in grebo also rans the Sandkings, the song hit the top of the charts after being remixed by Arthur Baker.

and also…
Killing Joke ‘Asteroid’
In which Jaz Coleman cannily predicts the future…

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