imagesDancing in the night with the cobwebs and the strange murky late Sept warmth lit only by the glowing blood moon we were inspired to leave you our soundtrack to the unique full eclipse of the moon.

1. Echo And The Bunnymen ‘Killing Moon’

Still heart meltingly brilliant and one of he greets singles ever released, Killing Moon still drips atmosphere and silkily dark melodic genius.

2. Television ‘Marquee Moon’

Interweaving guitar brilliance that perfectly captured the magic of last nights moon manoeuvres.

3. Neil Young ‘Harvest Moon’

The old horse brings up our closest neighbour in rustic rural rust guitar celebration.

4. Dead Kennedys ‘Moon Over Marin’

A break from the acidic observation from Jello proving threes also a romantic heart in there…

5. My Bloody Valentine ‘Moon Song’

More late night between awake and asleep brilliance from the Vals…

Part 2 of the moon top 10 is here

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