Richard the third prepares to run amok in town after Premiership win…


It’s the biggest sporting miracle of modern times and it’s put Leicester on the map. King Richard the third would be rolling in his grave if he hadn’t been dug up from a Leicester car park three years ago and moved to a museum- a moment that may have sparked something deep inside the city’s soul…

LTW were recently in Leicester and impressed by the city’s cultural revival as well – there were lots of cool looking shops and venues and a real cultural vibe about the place that felt really different from twenty years ago – but then it already had a great musical history of its own anyway as the following guide proves…


1. Yeah Yeah Noh

Deliberately dour but genius Leicester based 80’s tunesmiths beloved by the fanzine underground and John Peel. Their witty and acerbic lyrics and off kilter playing made them popular on the Death To Trad Rock scene before they went brilliantly psychedelic. Also friends of the other great noisy underground Leicester band, Prolapse.

Number 2 in top 10 Leicester band’s here


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  1. Prolapse?

    You’ve managed to leave out by far and away the best band from Leicester in your rush to find joke bands.


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