Unknown-10Once in an act of boredom we posted a top 10 songs about dogs and we have decided to follow it up with  a top 10 songs about pigs.

This is only because it’s the logical next animal to choose …


1. The Smiths ‘Pig Mouth Strikes Again’

In which the world’s most famous Vegan, Morrissey details the dangers of affection towards the porcine in this song that is the favourite of many politicians despite lyrically being one in the sty for many people…

2. Blur ‘Porklife’

In the middle of the Britpop wars Blur saved their bacon with this anthemic anthem that detailed the joys of a day out on farm.

3. Cocteau Twins ‘Peppermint Pig’

Typically mysterious song with obtuse lyrics that are only now starting to make sense. Probably not about a pig at all. Or about peppermint.

4. Neil Sedaka ‘Bacon Up Is hard To Do’

The fifties songwriter turned his hand to describing the heartbreak of man and animal relationships…

5. UB40 ‘Red Red Swine’

Cover version of famous song that detailed the affection felt towards a lonely beast.

6. The Beatles ‘Piggies’

George Harrison’s pithy take down of the cops and the establishment having this snouts in the trough.

7.  Buzzcocks ‘Boar-dom’

The punk classic with acerbic, acidic lyrics from Howard Devoto that detailed the humdrum farmer existence in the pigsty of the late seventies.

8. Pigbag ‘Pappas Got A  Brand New PigBag’

The sound track to many a drunken student party in the late seventies/early eighties that ended up in mad drunken moments…

9. Notorious P.I.G.

The less known cousin of the late rapper whose raps about our furry friends are cult classics.

10.  Sylvester ‘You Make Me Squeal Mighty Real’

Decadent and strikingly thrilling disco anthem about wild sex…


11. The Stooges ‘I Wanna Be Your Hog’

Iggy Pop was always a big fan of swine- they are the cleanest and most intelligent of the the farmyard beasts and in this song he switches the roles around..or something…

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