Horses seem to be everywhere these days but mostly in people’s food!

The stallion – once the noble beast seems to be mainly ground into burgers without anyone being told about it, with Findus the latest company finding Neddie in the bready…to ‘celebrate’ here is a top ten of horse songs (and we don’t mean that as a drug reference).

1. Wild Horses – The Rolling Stones
Keef knew a lot about horse and the old nags are still trotting along, Wild Horses is one of their classics and proof that when it came to slow tunes the Rolling Stones were, arguably, at their best.

2. Horses In My Dreams – P.J. Harvey
Peej getting all mystical and atmospheric. As a country gal she must have seen a horse in real life and not deep frozen in a cardboard box in the supermarket.

3. Bring On The Dancing Horses – Echo and the Bunnymen
One of the great Bunnymen singles and a celebration of horses that dance, or something…

4. A Horse With No Name – America
Annoyingly catchy song from one of those groups who you cannot name another song by- bit like Martha And The Muffins…

5. Four Horsemen – The Clash
One of the great songs from London Calling- a wild eyed call to the apocolypse – these days four horsemen would mean four horses and plenty of meat for a supermarket full of burgers.

6. Who’s Gonna Ride Your Wild Horses – U2
U2 throw down a ballad and it’s not hideous

7. Silver Stallion – The Highwaymen
Silver would show up if mashed into a burger…

8. Crazy Horses -The Osmonds

How did they come up with a song this good? they were clean cut rubbish the rest of the time but this song is a drop dead classic…

9. A Horse In The Country – Cowboy Junkies

Endless sky of a song, perfect for a a horse song

10. Two White Horses – John Lee Hooker
The last king of blues unleashes his inner horse…



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