The UK’s most controversial animal, the Fox, has been at it again with a child in London have its finger bitten by one of their number. Obviously this is not good but it’s only the second time in five years that fox has done this and there are all sorts of calls to hunt the red haired ones down. A more cynical person would say that this could be an excuse to bring back hunting but we can’t see urban hunting being allowed with packs of teenagers running around ripping foxes to pieces- that sort of thing was only allowed in the countryside for rich, civilised folk…

1. Foxy Foxy – Mott The Hoople


Virtually the last stand of one of the greatest ever british groups. It wasn’t a proper hit and was the knock out blow for the band making them decide to knock it on the head- shame as there was much great work to be down. The Spector drenched song is a move away from their classic sound but still a great single

2. Fox On the Run – The Sweet


Always brings back memories of a school trip to Belgium of all places when the single was a big hit across Europe. The song was on every jukebox and was a return to the top end of the charts for one of the most underrated groups from the glam period. Often dismissed as being brickies in drag in one of those snooty sneers the Sweet actually had a goofy coolness about them and made some great singles like this one.

3. 20th Century Fox – The Doors


Jimbo’s crew at their effortless best- and nearly all their songs had that slinky coolness about them, this was a song drooled sex and the powerful intoxicant of lust.

4. Foxy Lady – Jimi Hendrix


Just like the Doors, Jimi sounded like he was singing about something else other than the problems of the urban fox.

5. Johnny The Fox – Thin Lizzy

Street poetry from Dublin’s finest ever rock n roll poet.

Part 2 of the top 10 songs about the Fox here…

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  1. a far bonkier version of “Foxy Lady” for those in possession of a Last FM a/c: httpss://

  2. Disappointed Mewithout you didn’t get a mention. Aaron Weiss is a superb wordsmith; they have an album Catch for us the foxes, and songs include ‘the fox, the crow and the cookie’ and ‘fox’s dream of the log flume’.

  3. What kind of list of fox songs features neither Reynard the Fox by Julian Cope nor Fox by The Men That Will Not Be Blamed For Nothing?

  4. Can’t post the YouTube link and I know it doesn’t have ‘fox’ in the title, but Born Free by Active Slaughter is on the list for all us sabs out there.

  5. Still not funny, tasteful or appropriate. This story is not light entertainment. Louderthanwar; you do yourselves a disservice.

    • Don’t be silly- the top 10 is funny and, to me, seems to be a comment questioning the way this has become a big story when dogs are doing the ssame thing all the time.


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