Top 10 ‘Snow’ Songs…

Top 10 Snow Songs

Granted, certain parts of the UK are now under approximately a foot of snow; however the majority of the country seems to have a dusting of perhaps an inch or snow – but its been enough to grind the transport links to a standstill and have people panic buying for batterries, candles and tinned food!!

So if you are trapped inside, you may well need a sound track – we have compiled a Top 10 of snow themed tracks to entertain you whilst you contemplate the frozen tundra outside your window..

The Chemical Brothers ‘Snow’

Johnny Cash ‘Snow In His Hair’

Frank Zappa ‘Don’t Eat The Yellow Snow’

Lisa Germano ‘Snow’

The Mekons ‘Snow’

St Etienne ‘Snow’


Severed Heads ‘Snow’

Coil ‘The Snow’

The Cure ‘Snow In The Summer’

Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds ‘Fifteen Feet Of Pure White Snow’


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  1. And a bonus ball: Galaxie 500’s immense cover of Yoko Ono’s “Listen, The Snow Is Falling”.

  2. JJ72 – Snow

  3. Puressence – Black Snow
    Nada Surf – No Snow On The Mountain

  4. biggest missing for me is RHCP Snow (hey ho)

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