top 10 post punk bands who never get the credit : 10 : The Cure

10. The Cure
They emerged as a sprightly, linear lean art school take on Buzzcocks or Subway Sect kind of brave new pop band- they then descended into a brilliant black period with Joy Division tainting their music ina brilliant manner. By the time they released Pornography they were sketching out a whole new future…

10. Motorhead
Not a metal band but the last of the great rock n roll bands Motorhead have become a primal influence on rock and metal and punk.

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  1. How about a mention for Punishment of Luxury.

  2. Steve Harland

    No room for Gloria Mundi who were way ahead of these bands and a big influence on Bauhaus?

  3. Bauhaus, Killing Joke, and The Cure didn’t get credit? What the hell are you talking about? They are the PostPunk blueprint.

  4. Athletico Spizz 80 were a very underrated post punk outfit imo

  5. Television Personalities would have been a worthy inclusion…

  6. Glaxo babies. Who did kill Bruce lee?

  7. The Blue Orchids: Martin Bramah and Una Baines’ post-Fall group.

  8. The Prefects, anyone?

  9. Nice list, but you forgot UK Decay. Imho, they’re the most under-credited proto-goth post-punk band there is.

  10. figurehead1971

    What about Artery? Wire? Whilst I can understand that brilliant bands like The Chameleons and Killing Joke are underappreciated the majority of this list are bands that instantly spring to mind when I think of post-punk.

  11. Good list, great to see Crass get some credit, I’d have to whack The Birthday Party in there too.

  12. Chrome & Did Juz are a few more that rarely get a mention but both brilliant and influential. Glad some folks already mentioned The Blue Orchids & Television Personalities

  13. To save someone clicking through every link (I mean what is this fucking Buzzfeed)

    1. Bauhaus
    2. Theatre of Hate
    3. Killing Joke
    4. Monochrome Set
    5. The Chameleons
    6. Crass
    7. The Ruts
    8. Sisters of Mercy
    9. Southern Death Cult
    10. The Cure/Motorhead

  14. Surely Chumbawamba deserve a mention, repetition one of the great songs, before they got into drink

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