1. Bauhaus
The various books and media coverage of the post punk period seems to have edited out any band tarred with the ‘Goth’ brush. Like most of the bands on this list Bauhaus were never strictly Goth, they were coming out of punk and setting off in their own direction. They sounded like nothing else and the dub fused backdrop to the dark atmospherics of their classic ‘Bela Lugosi’s Dead’ were stunningly innovative.

Number 2 in the top 10 post punk bands who never get the credit is here

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  1. The Cure are my favourite band so I’m hapy to see them included, but to be fair they have had a little bit of credit, surely?

  2. You got the top Three absolutely right, fantastic bands all three of them. But KJ are number One as fas as I’m concerned, Bauhaus 2nd and ToH 3rd

  3. The Cramps got no credit from NME etc, nor did Killing Joke and the Gun Club. Hawkwind and Psychic TV were very active back then but got labelled as hippies. Motorhead’s biker rock influenced Punk’s second wave (Discharge, Anti Pasti, charged GBH). Play Dead had a great sound and the Danse Society were big innovators. People are missing those times-great bands, amazing styles and the most creative hairstyles EVER!! Often very colourful before the Goth tag was applied. Sisters of Mercy were unique and much more innovative than acknowledged then or now. They were as much a dance as a rock band, and yeah the dry ice at the gigs was awesome. Lords of the New Church, only got to enjoy their sounds recently-really missed out there!! The Heartbreakers L.A.M.F as good as Never mind the Bollocks to many but Johnny Thunders was uncredited in the UK despite being pretty active in the 1980s..

  4. Bang on.. some great bands there. I’m a big fan of Killing Joke, Theatre of Hate and Bauhaus and think there’s a lot of tosh said about goth, which, in my opinion didn’t exist until Bauhaus didn’t.


    • Heresy!!! During the Spanish Inquisition you’d be burned at the stake for suggesting Jeapordy is better than the LP that got them kicked off their label: ALL FALL DOWN!

      Two weeks ago my girlfriend screamed at me “Stop playing that (Post Punk) music of yours—-it’s creeping me out!!!’ I kissed her and said that’s the kindest thing anyone has ever said to me!!! Thank you!

  5. Fantastic list though Magazine never got the critical acclaim they deserved and thougth Penetration were overlooked when many consider 1st G punk groups

  6. A man must have his muse. Some men collect stamps, others collect amputee porn—-me? My hobby is patting myself on the back and sneering at what passes for Music today. I collect cool sounding but obscure PostPunk-Pre Grunge music (1977-1994). Here are my must have DIMs (Desert Island music)

    1. The Sound box set
    2. Comstat Angels box set
    3. 17 Pygmies Especially Captured In Ice
    4. The Las, The Las
    5. Sissies of Mercy Especially Floodlands
    6. Chameleons
    7. The Box especially their 1st LP
    8. Bill Prichard 3mos, 3wks, 2days
    9. Dousing & The Banchees Especially Tinderbox
    10. Rain ☔️ Parade Crashing Dream—-I’m at work so I’m sneaking this list in the John!!!

    Just as important as this list is the system it is played on. My 20+ year old ‘Entry Level’ system will eat most of the garbage electronics made today FOR BREAKFAST!!!

    What am I rolling with? All Acurus [Mondial Designs] RL11 Pre, A150 Amp & ACD11 Acurus CD Player—-all American Made!!! You can buy this gear on EBay for less than $200.00 each. I just picked up a NEAR MINT $1,000 (1997) ACD11 for $166.00 Ebay and I’m hearing notes I never heard before…and that was before I slapped a $99.00 SMSL Sanskirt 6th Anno DAC into the signal path…can you say BLISS?!!!

    • The Mekons are a great band but they get wide recognition in books and reviews whereas someone like Bauhaus rarely get a mention – that’s more the context of the list…


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