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Punk has always battled to be relevant – it’s such a great form of music that it’s easy to hold onto those great songs and groups from the past. In 2017 another attempt is being made not to replace the old with the new but to underline that there is a new way of celebrating the old and in the confused times it’s the perfect music to do this with. Louise Distras has been making a name for herself with great songwriting and powerful lyrics and has put together this great Spotify playlist of bands that make up nu-punk.

Lousie Distras
‘The thing about Nu-Punk is it is not retro or backwards looking instead it is inspired by the spirit and the energy of rebel rock through the ages. The music biz is still a sad, corporate fuck-up with a very narrow view of what pop music should be. People like Joe Strummer and Elvis Costello all the way back to Little Richard and Ray Davies of the Kinks had different ideas. Their music was raw, angry, abrasive – but still as addictive as hell.
Nu-Punk takes that attitude and builds on it for a new generation of disenfranchised kids. Nu Punk is a movement that stands on the shoulders of giants but has a different field of vision.’

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  1. Some decent bands but Nu-Punk? What a horribly term. Makes them sound watered down in the same way Nu-Metal did. No Emperors new clothes, just call them punk.

  2. How exactly are The Spitfires a ‘nu-punk’ band? I would have thought they were more ‘mod’ than anything? Categorisation (or ‘pigeonholing’ as it was known last century) is a silly idea as it just creates cliques and there’s usually little/no thought behind it (see ‘Grebo’, ‘Fraggle Rock’, ‘New Wave of New Wave’, ‘Romo’ or ‘Thames Valley Sound’ as some of the previously hysterical attempts at creating a ‘scene’ via certain self-congratulatory media outlets……

    • For a scene that was a rebellion against the “keep-it-REAL-maaan” ethic and deliberately meant to look as much like a hype as possible, Romo actually got created quite organically – Club Skinny in Camden and the glammed up punters who went there to dance to the shiny glam/disco/80s pop that was playlisted there

  3. ‘New Punk’ was a Bushellism in Sounds Jan ’82 with Blitz in droog garb on the front cover…i guess it replaced his Oi precursor…

  4. Punk is an old dated term and anyone who still goes by it are dated fools, stop wasting time on that rubbish and do a feature on DRUNK GODS their the real deal.

  5. A great old punk inspired band. . . “Mutant Monster” named after the Ramones and influenced by The Clash.

  6. Instead of bashing this playlist why don’t you actually LISTEN. These bands are paving the way for a new generation of socially aware punk music. Stop living in the past. I’ve discovered a lot of awesome music and you should too.

  7. I am pretty sure nobody thinks nu-punk is a thing, and it’s just some marketing term louise distras is applying to herself, which is interesting as there is nothing ‘new’ about her music. Very derivative.

    also this article lists “top 10 nu-punk bands” but i don’t see no top ten list.

  8. What a fucking joke it all is labelling sub-genres and such… here are THE FACTS about the inner workings of Rock Music..

    Like ALL a musical genres, Punk/Rock/Metal falls into stereotypical rules, laws of arrangement, musical and technical aspects that MUST be adhered to, failure to do so will result in short term success and dwindling fan base.

    In the case of Punk, fast, aggressive sounding guitars are essential, hard hitting drums also absolutely necessary if the audience are to get a feeling of power, sense of unified Rebellion and wish to dance as a collective group to their chosen music.

    Vocals can veer between soft,sweet and then strident shouting which is best rendered by a young female vocalist who wears lots of makeup, visible bra, ripped T-Shirt and dons a short skirt and ripped tights in order to exaggerate the bitter/sweet – innocent yet experienced lyrical effect.

    Screaming and spitting out lots of politically aware lyrics are favoured, especially when bringing to attention sexism and racism to a mixed, predominantly white audience but taking the piss and bordering on comedy and sarcasm are absolutely fine. A repetitive shouty chorus will give the crowd a sense of unity if sung collectively and any opportunity to point, fists raised at the band is one not to be missed so simple drum accents and football chants are the best bet.

    One can mix ethnic rhythms such a Celtic or African styles into the mix but the core aggressive guitars and aforementioned vocals and lyrics MUST be present. You can add the odd organ, bagpipe and even brass instruments but it’s best these are kept to a minimum as it soon becomes tedious.

    It’s not essential to have a good bassist in more traditional Punk styles, an ex drunk, a female who has been playing a month or good looking Sid Vicious type will suffice. If you mix Metal/Hardcore into your Punk it is advisable to get an ex guitarist to play bass as he/she will be able to follow the drums without dropping their pick.

    It’s best to keep your song to under three minutes and to repeat as many simple words and phrases as possible, rather like later sampling technology gave us in dance music repetition is good, it hammers a hook-line or specific noise into the listeners brain.

    If an artist wishes to drop the band and make a few quid, going solo acoustic is the way forward like our beloved TV Smith who personifies the original Woodie Guthrie travelling minstrel who takes Rebellion and Political Awareness to smaller, more intimate gatherings especially useful in areas where Punk has a really small following or the promoter cannot afford to pay a full band.

    ** please note: despite banging away on an acoustic guitar the vocal delivery MUST have the same elements as above paragraph on vocals, male or female the vocals should go between soft and VERY LOUD to attain maximum impact and garner the crowd collective ethos.

    Nu Punk, Old Punk, Ska Punk, HArdcore Punk, Punk Metal, Disco Punk … whatever it is called it’s ALWAYS the same recipe and NO ONE and I mean NO ONE will ever change this.

    • Settle an argument Paul… My mate thinks you are being ‘ironic’ or sarcastic …. I think you mean every word. Who is right?

      • Hi Anna,

        I am being honest and truthful in what I wrote but did it in a light-hearted way :-) I have been a music producer, songwriter and music teacher for over 30 years, I have studied Rock Music very carefully but with passion and love for what I do. I shared much of what I have learned on here about Punk/ New Wave, partly because I find it absolutely rediculous that people try to create a new style or name for something that is very limited. All musical genres follow a template including Punk, there is no such thing as Nu Punk… it is just a poor marketing exercise that’s all… much love x


    *Pussycat and the Dirty Johnsons
    *The Healthy Junkies
    *The Tuts
    *Wonk Unit
    *The Psychords
    *The Featherz
    *The Terrosaurs
    *Hands Off Gretel
    *Kiss My Acid
    *The Yalla Yallas
    *Army Of Skanks

    Also Louise should stuff modesty and put herself on the list (I’ll give her that credit)

      • You’ve probably never heard of most of those bands and you only know about the Tuts because of the fuss over Undercover a couple of years back

        • When they got drunk and made dicks of themselves? Yeah, I heard. And as for bands like Army Of Wank and Wank Unit I wouldn’t even give them a second listen.

  10. Distras is a con artist, she gets her ‘fans’ to donate money which she then wastes. Boycott her and her shite music.


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