Top 10 Musical Punch UpsMusic, especially when in its live form can quite easily spark into violence, disorder and even on-stage fisticuffs at any time, and though of course Louder Than War  do not condone violence of any kind here’s ten such moments caught on camera. From rappers to punks to Mark E Smith and not one Axl Rose fight included (he has his own top 10)…

Ian Brown

Most artists, musicians and singers commonly state “when they’re on-stage, which ever stage that is it – it belongs to them”. So its no surprise watching this dopey Chicago club security guy get an ‘arse-whooping’ for not only interrupting but disrespecting I.B. live on stage. Listen hard enough and you can hear the slight thuds as Ian Brown bounces the mic off his head for doing so, while the rest of the group show their own anger at the 7ft ‘ginger’ intrusion.


For number 2 in the top 10 musical punch ups go here.

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  1. Mob rulezzzzzzzzzzzzz…savage…makes me sick watching that group of yes men stomp on one guy even if he was being a twonk….weak.


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