Doyle ‘Misfits’.

The Misfits again! You’d think they were always at it but truth be told they’re a group who’ve had a close relationship with their fans since forming in the late 70s … but I suppose after 20 years of stage divers / invaders monster guitarist Doyle ‘Wolfgang Von Frankenstein’ had had his fill.

This is taken from a gig in Germany in ’97. We see a fan making it onto the stage, seemingly spewed-out from a packed mosh pit only to get a beat down and to then be slung back in from where he came. Even the ‘then’ front man ‘Michael Graves’ as well as road crew try to get in on the act, but you just know that fan went home proud as ‘punch’, all bruised-up showing his mates what Doyle gave him the previous night.


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