Glenn Danzig

I was 15yrs old when an older lad off my street played me ‘Evil Live’ by US punks / underground legends The Misfits – and I was gripped by it straight away, rock ‘n’ roll never sounded so raw, energized, and menacing. But it was the vocals of Glenn Danzig which really made them special, sounding something like speed fueled Elvis tunes. Tracks like ‘Hybrid Moments’ or ‘Teenagers from Mars’ are bona-fide classic rock’n’roll numbers.

Yet despite all this I, like many fans of The Misfits and more specifically Glenn Danzig, accept that even though blessed with the talent he has, it’s a known fact he’s ‘hard work’ – to say the least…and it’s in this short film footage that we get to witness his one-on-one people-management skills on Danny Marianino of ‘North Side Kings’, who, it’s safe to say, wasn’t that much impressed with em.


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  1. Glenn Danzig’s feud with Def Leppard in the 90s was spectacularly hilarious and included an incident prior to a gig in the States where Danzig’s dinner went flying. Probably a bit unwise too as he chose (out of five band members) to pick on Phil Collen who is famously a karate black-belt.


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