Math Hoffa

With the whole rap battling scene finally finding its way to the mainstream by bringing back some of that ‘realness’ to the world of Hip Hop (as opposed to the Rick Ross’s Li’l Wayne’s & Soulja Boy artists of today), one of rap battling’s biggest names might have just gone and blown his whole career, over a punch.

Just weeks ago Rap Battles ‘Summer Madness’ (rap battles biggest stage) popular Brooklyn rapper ‘Math Hoffa’ saw red and hit his opponent ‘Serious Jones’ when his fellow NY’er ‘hollered’ in his face while he performed. Though the U.R.L (Ultimate Rap League) refused to put the footage out due to not wanting to promote violence the whole thing was caught by someone in the crowd which clearly shows Math Hoffa hit Jones with a right then end up stage side hitting him once more before making his quick exit.

Though arguments happen all the time in ‘rap-battles’ physical violence is not tolerated, plus it’s the second time Math Hoffa has swung on his opponent (that’s on YouTube as-well …’Math Hoffa v Dose’).

So despite rising to the top tier in rap-battling, as well as releasing his own music and working with artists such as Method Man, not only could he have just performed in his last battle event ever but he brought his career as a battle rapper to a sad ending.


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