Iron Maiden

Getting angrier and angrier as he belts out Iron Maiden classic ‘The Trooper’ Blaze Bayley keeps it professional waiting til the song ends when, in fine Brummie tones he attempts to instigate a live lynching by pointing out a so called fan – who’d apparently spat at him and bassist Steve Harris, with calls of  “get him, can you see him,kill him, fuckin kill him”.


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  1. At Wolfsbane gigs, Blaze Bayley would regularly threaten the crowd with physical violence for not enjoying it enough, as heard on the legendary track ‘Temple Of Rock’ from the ‘Massive Noise Injection EP’. It’s absolutely hilarious!

    There was another near-punch-up in the mid-90s at TOTP between Ginger from The Wildhearts and Liam from Oasis, reported at the time in Raw Magazine. Punch-up? That would have been World War III!


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