top 10 great Robert Fripp collaborations : number 9 : The Stranglers

One of the many moments of notoriety in The Stranglers’ darkly eventful time-line was the gig they played at London’s Rainbow in 1980. Intended as a centerpiece to their tour, their singer / guitarist Hugh Cornwell was arrested and jailed for drugs possession, leading to the option of cancelling or, as they chose instead, replacing Cornwell with an all-star cast of friends and musical accomplices including Ian Dury, Phil Daniels, Wilko Johnson and Fripp.

While never embracing punk fully, Fripp was always sympathetic to its free-spirited musical aims (he would also go on to produce and play on The Damned’s ‘Fun Factory’ single), and the night’s performance of the hard-hitting Tank with Van Der Graaf Generator’s Peter Hammill on vocals is a prog-punk completist’s dream.

The Stranglers / Fripp / Hammill – Tank

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