top 10 great Robert Fripp collaborations : number 8 Toyah

Fripp’s marriage to Toyah Willcox is one of the great curveballs in his life – the reserved, cerebral guitarist allied to the splurge of colour and emotion of the exuberant Ms Willcox.

After their wedding in 1986 it took the pair a few years to collaborate on the overlooked Sunday All Over the World album in 1991, while more recently Fripp helped launch Toyah’s band The Humans, an art-pop project featuring herself with guitarists Chris Wong and Bill Rieflin (who would join the latest King Crimson on drums). He has contributed to the band’s first two albums, but in a ‘guest Human’ role only.

While on this video at least Fripp looks as though he is taking part at gunpoint, the pair’s union seems to be an endearingly happy one.

The Humans – These Boots Are Made For Walkin’

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