top 10 great Robert Fripp collaborations : number 6 : David Sylvian

Sylvian pursued a curious trajectory, starting with Japan’s early glam rock dabblings and steering that band into ever more stark and challenging territories. With his languid voice and striking good looks he could have become a pop icon alongside contemporaries like Simon Le Bon. Instead he struck out on a solo career and occupied increasingly austere territory. Fripp made notable contributions to his excellent 1986 album Gone To Earth, and in the early 90s asked him to become King Crimson’s vocalist. Sylvian turned the offer down, but a good indication of how this would have sounded came with the 1993 Sylvian / Fripp album The First Day, which also featured future Crimson stick player Trey Gunn. The combination was experimental yet accessible, and even led to a tour, with the singer sharing the guitarist’s meditative onstage stance.

Sylvian & Fripp – Twentieth Century Dreaming

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