Top 10 great Irish records for St Patricks Day

Everyone loves St Patricks Day, even with the faintly rubbish bit; felt hats etc and everyone loves Irish rock n roll.

Over the years the small island has produced some world beating bands and some real moments of maverick genius… so here is the, by no means definitive, Top 10 great Irish songs… please feel free to add some more.

The Undertones ‘Teenage Kicks’

It’s almost imposable to write a song as brilliantly naive and youthful as this… a moment of punk pop perfection…


Thin Lizzy ‘Whisky In The Jar’

Not one of their rock anthems but a powerful and affecting cover of a classic that drips a pure velveteen romance

Paranoid Visions ‘Outsider Artist’
The side of Dublin the tourists never see is reflected by Paranoid Visions who take the Crass template and somehow make it sound even angrier.

5 Go Down To The Sea ‘The Glee Club’

If you were expecting an Irish theme park to ten we are sorry, this band came from Cork and were Death To Trad Rock heros with their Beefheart gone weird work outs.


My Bloody Valentine ‘You Made Me Realise’

Pure rock n roll from the dream pop über band.

The Pogues ‘Fairytale Of New York’
Of course it’s an obvious choice but it’s also a great song.

Virgin Prunes ‘Baby Turns Blue’
In a parallel world they would have been U2, hat would have been an interesting world…

Stiff Little Fingers ‘Alternative Ulster’

Just for the vocal let alone one of the great punk anthems

Therapy ‘Potato Junkie”
Should have been massive but settled on being great.


The Oucasts ‘Angel Face’

Great boot boy cover of the Glitter Band classic.

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  1. How’s about the mighty Stump from Cork and their tune Buffalo

  2. Top three Irish tunes from me: the aforementioned “You Made Me Realise”; the aforementioned Stump (though I think I’d have to go with “Charlton Heston” as opposed to “Buffalo” not least because for a short while there it actually looked like this most out-there of bands might even have a Proper Chart Hit on their hands)… and this: “We Don’t Need Anybody Else” by Whipping Boy.


    Astonishingly got some mainstream airplay at the time, I suppose it was Britpop-era so guitar bands were allowed, but I’m guessing the controllers weren’t listening to the lyrics which are dark as fuck and I still think stand up there with the very best.

    • ‘we don’t need nobody else’, good choice Cath forgot that one, and another from same era;


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