Tragedy! why are the Bee gees not recognised as great songwriters
Tragedy! why are the Bee gees not recognised as great songwriters

top 10 favourite Bee Gees songs for Robin Gibb
top 10 favourite Bee Gees songs for Robin Gibb

The sad news that Robin Gibb has died from complications from intestinal cancer at 62 inspired us to compile our 10 favourite Bee Gees songs. the Gibb brothers are second only to the Beatles as pop’s most successful ever song writers.

Manchester’s biggest ever group who were born on the Isle Of Man before being moved to Australia, had many hits in the late sixties with slightly trippy, highly melodic pop songs before becoming the disco superstars of the late seventies.

At the time in full punk fury the Bee Gees were a tough call to listen to but as the years have rolled by I have come to love them and appreciate their incredible harmonies and brilliant melodic song writing skill.

# 1 – “Stayin’ Alive”
The harmonies on this are something else, they twist and they soar in the ultimate disco feel good song A work of pop genius.

# 2 – “Jumbo”
obscure late sixties Bee Gees moment.
The instrumental is similar to the Beatles Flying, not a hit but has areal period charm to it.

# 3 – “Night Fever”
Another disco classic with those razor tight harmonies, the song also has a funky feel to it.

# 4 – “Jive Talkin'”
Another classic disco tune from a period when everything seemed to effortless fort he brothers.

# 5- Massachusetts
Massachusetts is a song off of the album Horizontal- the most psychedelic tinged album from the band. There is something powerfully moving and somewhat sombre and northern melancholic in the late sixties number one hit for the band.

# 6- 1941 New York Mining Disaster
Another of the band’s sixties classics where they ere establishing themselves as northern songwriters that ere the equal the Beatles.

# 7- “I’ve Gotta Get A Message To You”
Another example of the brother’s pure gift for melody

# 8 – “How Can You Mend A Broken Heart”
Love songs are tough to write without banality or cliche but the band give a lesson in how to execute the perfect love song.

# 9 – “How Deep Is Your Love”
Heartfelt ballad from their disco era, full of lush melodic beauty.

# 10 – Tragedy
Yet another classic disco anthem for the band from the great resurgence in the late seventies disco boom where the band stamped their melodic genius onto the genre.

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