9. Another Green World: Brian Eno

I saw Eno when he was in Roxy Music, and being someone who is always looking for the easy way out, I was drawn to the fact that he didn’t play that much, he pissed about with a Revox reel to reel machine he also twiddled a joystick on a synthesiser. I thought I can do that. I bought all his albums after he left Roxy, I soon realised no one can do what Eno does but Eno. I could have chosen just about any of his solo albums to include here but Another Green World shows most of the sides of him. It has ambient elements, pop songs weirdness a plenty all with drum machines ticking away. The drum Machine sounds Eno used on his early albums inspired me to buy a drum machine (The Mini Pops Junior) this in-turn lead me to start a band and start experimenting with music.

For number 10 in Will’s top 10 favourite albums please go here


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