7. In The Land Of Grey And Pink: Caravan

When I was a kid twelve or so I used to listen to Liverpool’s Radio City in bed sometimes on a little transistor radio. The DJ at the time would play the track Golf Girl every night for some reason. I loved it’s quirky little trombone and the words were very odd almost silly and throw away. I found out which album the track was on and found a second hand Spanish double album. The cover was pretty trippy and I already new I was gonna like this. After I had played the album I realised that the track Golf Girl is in fact the worst track on the album, my favourite now is Winter Wine. Somewhere between Folk. Jazz and Psychedelia. It has the best organ solo sound. Listen carefully and you can hear a fuzz wha peddle getting stomped on and the organ sound swells. A beautiful very English album from a band that was a leading part of the Canterbury scene.

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