4. For Your Pleasure: Roxy Music

Roxy Music were at the time of this album climbing up the ladder of rock. A weird mix of characters led by a sophisticated
Crooner. They all looked amazing in their own way. The effect of the gate fold inner sleeve picture is stunning no one looked so cool nobody could look this good except Bowie of course. Me and my mates had been waiting for the release and I had been saving up my paper round money for ages. After loving the First Roxy Music album I ran over to the square at dinnertime I bought it from NEMS, or was it Rumbelows? In Maghull Town Square. Clutching it in my inky hands we all went back to My mates house for cups of tea and biscuits and we played it on his mums radiogram. Sorry kids you can’t download the importance of that experience today on your sodding iPhone, you loose.

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