This year marks the 20th anniversary of Britpop and the 20th anniversary of the last time national radio got behind homegrown bands and helped created a truly vibrant moment in British music culture.

oddly the term Britpop had been around for 5 years before it became a music scene with LTW boss John Robb coining it to write about the extended manchester scene of the 1989/1990 guitar band revival aof the Stone Roses/The La’s etc- a scene that could well be claimed as the place where Britpop started. In fact there is a great argument for Britpop as being when the rest of the UK caught up with Madchester…any way that is another argument…on with the tip 10…


number 1 in Britpop top 1o for 20th anniversary . Oasis ‘Live Forever’



No matter how cruelly time and the media have treated the manchester band you can’t escape the fact that they wrote great songs. Immersing yourself in their back catalogue is a joyous experience and this is one of their great anthems- a song that sums up the rush of the times and the sheer joy of being young and full of rock n roll swagger.


number 2 in the Britpop top 10 is here






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  1. Despite what the compilation albums might say Mansun, Radiohead, and Verve weren’t Britpop. Neither were the Manics really. However Sleeper, Echobelly, the Bluetones, Shed Seven, and the sainted Menswear were and you’ve missed them out.


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