top 10 bite songs for for Luis Suarez

The magic teeth have been at it again- to celebrate the nibbling gnashers here is our top 10 biting songs.

1. Buzzcocks ‘Love Bites’

2. Lorde ‘Biting Down’

3. Bauhaus ‘Bela Lugosis Dead’

4. Roky Erickson ‘Night Of The Vampire’

5. Mazzy Star  ‘Taste Of Blood’

6. OutKast ‘Draculas Wedding’

7. Peter Tosh ‘Vampire’

8. Cameron Tucker ‘People Aren’t Food’

9. Rod Stewart ‘First Cut Is The Deepest’

10. Neil Young ‘Vampire Blues’



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2 comments on “top 10 bite songs for for Luis Suarez”

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  1. Andy Humphries

    How about ‘Mass o’ Chew Sets’ by The Bee Gees?

  2. “The only rhyme that bites” surely

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