Top 10 bands tipped for Glastonbury main stage in the futureFresh, if you can call it that, from Glastonbury and from the Rolling Stones iconic Saturday night slot we return to our keyboard wondering who could possibly get away with that slot in the next few years.


Note! This is not a list of our favourite bands or bands we demand should play the Saturday night legend slot- otherwise it would read The Fall, Stranglers, Rammstein, Killing Joke and all kinds of young bands who would pull about 50 people…we may not even like some of these bands in the list…


1. Fleetwood Mac

Well, the time is right as the flouncy California sunshine/UK rainy day outfit are back together and back in fashion…a headline slot next years would tick a lot of boxes. They may even bring the sunshine with them.


2. Stone Roses

The offers are on the table…will they ever make it to Glastonbury?


3. The Smiths

The severed alliance remains severed but you had to feel the power of reaction to Johnny Marr playing those Smiths songs to know this would be a very popular slot…


4. Oasis

What is it with Mancunians in big bands falling out? Despite two successful solo careers the Gallaghers together would cakewalk this…the most heard song on site this year, blasting out of tea rooms and cafes and bars, was Look Back In Anger- complete with rowdy singalongs.


5. New Order

It would only take one phone call, mind you it would be quit a tense phone call and one from someone with nerves of steal to repair yet another Mancunian fractured alliance…


6. The Who


They are notching up the gigs but have they left it too late for the Glastonbury moment?


7. Kate Bush

Of course this could never happen….could it?

Would be an amazing way to return to the stage to the perfect audience who adore her…


8. Led Zeppelin

The only rock n roll band with the gravitas and the hits to the to match the Stones in terms of old school classic….


9. Pulp

The 20th anniversary of their famous Stone Roses replacing moment celebrated in Britpop bonanza! Jarvis was at the Stones , down the front probablly having a great time, would a return to the Pyrimaid stage have crossed his mind?


10. Blur or Gorlliaz

Damon Albarn has the anthems and has the bands to pull this legendary slot off…not just indie big, not just chart big but part of the culture big, that’s the type of legend this slot demands,


also David Bowie

he’s dome it before and he won’t play any gigs but surely this would be the perfect comeback for the master of drama and comebacks…


and AC/DC


There has been a bit more rock in the past few years at Glastonbury so surely it would be time to see AC/DC on the bill- they were never a metal band are far closer to the Stones than anything- they also have the second best selling album in the world of all time- that surely makes them a pop band…!


Also Red Hot Chili Peppers…

No-one ever admits to liking them but they sell shit loads of records…2 albums in the top 20 all time best sellers…people who don’t write music blogs would be ecstatic, reviewers would be typing furiously- and it wouldn’t be kind!










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Award winning journalist and boss of Louder Than War. In a 30 year music writing career, John was the first to write about bands such as Stone Roses and Nirvana and has several best selling music books to his name. He constantly tours the world with Goldblade and the Membranes playing gigs or doing spoken word and speaking at music conferences.


  1. The Who headlined in 2007, Blur 2009 and Gorillaz 2010 (iirc). The Gorillaz were a last minute replacement and didn’t go down well, despite imho putting on a great show, with extra kudos for getting all the special guests on.

    They have also been after Zeppelin – now that would be something worth seeing! Kate Bush, David Bowie – yes please!

    Pulp is probably the most likely – Jarvis was up the stone circle apparently – he just can’t keep away!

    Despite being a big Smiths fan in the day, I’m not sure I’d want them to reform after all that’s been said, it would be a bit like Billy Bragg going on Loose Women and playing down his hatred for Thatcher :)

    They’ve been after Fleetwood Mac for a few years but I think they want too much money – but then so did The Stones so who knows!

  2. Hmm The Who headlined 5 or 6 years ago, Blur and Gorillaz headlined in 2009 and 2010 i think respectively… as for the Roses, they should have done it this year after the 1995 debacle but instead have played every other festival going instead, whom i assume pay a lot more money.

  3. Oasis have done it twice and made a pig’s ear of it on both occasions. Another chance is not deserved, whether they make up or not.

  4. Dirtbox Disco :-) possibly the best most entertaining band around, they maybe little known beforehand but that crowd will be singing their songs afterwards. In fact just take this years Bladefest line up and add the Stawberry Blondes and you would have one heck of a line up for any festival


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