Top 10 Bands in Israel: Unholy Music from the Holy Land

3. Midnight Peacocks

Culture is mixed up when you live in the middle of the Middle East. Take hummus and falafel for example: both probably came from Egypt, but they became famous as staple Israeli food. Maybe that’s why the local collective Midnight Peacocks play circus-core: a mix of Arabic music and cabaret with metal that’s served in pita bread. The Peacocks are well known for their cult shows which often involve belly dancers and avant-garde performance artists, not to mention a yoga meditation to the sounds of “Indian Sun”. The band is centered around singer/bass player Eitan Radoshinski and a changing crew of musicians. They’ve released two albums to date and are working on the third. I’ve heard the new songs live and they sound like King Crimson playing Egyptian black metal.

For fans of: Faith No More, Melvins, Omar Souleyman

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