Ten Artists I just don’t get – from our resident grouch Phil Thornton

Phil Thornton is a man simmering with hatred for some of the more cosy parts of pop culture. There is not much that passes his personal bullshit detector and he doesn’t care who he pisses off.

He spent the last week compiling this list with kind of sneer that you cannot refuse. So here it is , his top 10 artists that he JUST DOES NOT GET…

1 Bruce Springsteen – Bombastic blue collar bell end with one tune.

2 Neil Young – Whiney weirdo with too much time on his hands.

3 Miles Davis – Cool jazz corporate cali sell out.


4 Bob Marley (solo) – luvvy dovey, hippie drippy, rasta rubbish.


5. Brian Wilson – barbershop baby blubber merchant.


Part 2 of top 10 artists I just don’t get is here.


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  1. Music is food for the ears! We all have different taste for food, just like we all have different taste for music. This blog is one mans taste of the ear food he does’nt like, its his own personal choice.

  2. Ha, reads like a Kev Kharas wannabe with the prose skill of a DiS boardist and a boner for the mindless snark. :D

    Suspicion: this article is ENTIRELY to drive traffic.


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