Part one of top 10 artists I just don’t get is here.

6. Van Morrison – astral c@nt!

Van doesn’t let his videos get embedded to other sites…

7. Bjork – over-produced icelandic one trick pony.


8. John Lennon (solo) – When George is a better solo artist you’re in trouble


9. Bob Dylan – unlistenable phoney-folk freak


10. Rufus ‘fucking’ Wainwright – funny for five seconds- puts gay liberation back by 50 years

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  1. Can I add The (flamin’) Flaming Lips – lovely interesting guys, amazing looking live shows but not one memorable song, not from their early acid punk days, not from their big label blowouts – nary a one.

  2. I can understand why things on this site may be rushed to get news up quickly. Perfectly understandable. However I can’t understand how an “Award Winning Journalist” has the ability to spell or use grammar. As someone who writes music press, this site is an abomination. Admittedly, sometimes you get news first which is appreciated and useful, but mostly it’s like a retarded child has been let loose on a keyboard. If I had a child and they wrote this badly, they would bit straight off to fame school.

    • I couldn’t agree with Plunk’s sentiments more. This is lazy rubbish that most half arsed personal blogs would be embarrassed to publish.

  3. @Plunk, I am not someone who writes for the music press but in regards to grammar, possibly more accurately in this case, syntax, for your comment to make sense, should it not read – However I can’t understand how an “Award Winning Journalist” ‘does not have the ability to spell or use grammar’. Rather than, However I can’t understand how an “Award Winning Journalist” has the ability to spell or use grammar. @ Philip, I presume you take the time to craft and publish your own blog then. I’m just saying.
    I thought it was funny despite not agreeing with all his choices.

  4. Hmm. I concur with most people commenting on this article. Many items on this website seem a little rushed & ruined, but in the age of “live” reporting in which today live, this is understandable, even if a little annoying. But this truly is a new low. Crass, belligerent, uninformed, lazy, pathetic. This is everything that “journalism” should not be. You sound like a typical bar-room bore; grand claims without any sort of substance. Bob Dylan – unlistenable phoney-folk freak? Yeah, and one of the most important, and complex, and revolutionary, and interesting artists of the past fifty years. Whether you find him listenable or not, any critic and indeed journalist worth their salt should acknowledge this. Very disappointed to read this purblind, infantile, featureless heap of gangrened elephant’s sputum on this website. JR, you should be ashamed of yourself for allowing it to print!

  5. I agree with 50% of the list, and strongly disagree with the other half. That is the beauty of music. Everyone has an opinion and you can choose what to listen to.

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  7. Bob Marley, Bob Dylan, John Lennon?! You’re funny, but you’re an Idiot. What about those Westwood/McClaren phonies the Sex Pistols?

  8. Yes we like this list, but would argue for the The Clash, Patti Smith or The Band to be included….


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