top 10 alternative songs about the death of President Kennedy

Here is a list of alternative songs about the death of president Kennedy- the moment where the sixties started and the ripples of which affected the next generation who most of these bands come from…Oddly there is no Dead Kennedys song directly about the assassination and somehow we missed out the fab ‘Bullets’ from the Misfits…top 10 songs about the death of President Kennedy



1. Magazine ‘Motorcade

Stark and mesmerising and probably about something totally different but captures the shimmering suspense of those flickering news reels perfectly.


MagazineMotorcade – YouTube

2. Wolfgang Press Kansas

Remember the video? with the Lee Harvey Oswald masks?


The Wolfgang PressKansas – YouTube





3. Adam And The Ants ‘Catholic Day’

Early Adam employs all the dark humour he can muster in this unsettling slice of genius


Adam & The Ants – Catholic Day – YouTube

4. Destroy All Monsters ‘November 22’

The Asheton’s team up with the exotic Niagra for their take on the event


5. The Fall ‘Oswald Defense Lawyer’

Smith re-imagines the trial that never was of Lee Harvey if he had not been shot. Sort of.



6. Lou Reed ‘The Day John Kennedy Died’

Lou Reed recalls the day of the assassination and where he was himslef


Lou Reed ~ The Day John Kennedy Died – YouTube

7. Pearl Jam ‘Brain of J’

Seattle hairies on the shooting that shot America


9. Wedding Present ‘Kennedy’

The Weddoes sing about apple pie and america…

Kennedy – The Wedding Present (Audio Only) – YouTube

10 The Membranes ‘Kennedy 63’

LTW boss John Robb 80’s noisenik band sing of the shooting in their inimitable style.


22 – The MembranesKennedy63 – YouTube

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  1. Motorcade was not inspired by dead Kennedy. Check page 65 of ‘Magazine the Biography’ by Helen Chase: a South American dictator throwing money at people from his car meets zen and the art of coffee and tea. Despite the common misconception mainly due to the words ‘motorcade’ and ‘shoots’ the song was not about Kennedy. However the lyric “Cubans in surgical gloves” has something to do with Nixon. Spot the Magazine song that lyric lives on in and win a night on the permafrost.


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