Top 10 albums from ex-Mansun frontman Paul Draper – Number 5 – Songs for the Deaf (Queens of the Stone Age)

Draper - Songs for the Deaf

This is my favourite album of the noughties. It’s going off course from the synths. There are certain albums for me where certain things come together. And on that, Josh Homme hit his best songwriting and he hit his best production. I can’t tell you whether it’s the engineering or the production but the band sound phenomenal. I believe the drums and the cymbals were all recorded separately and it sounds amazing for it. Really dry, really dead-sounding drums. And the guitar tones are unbelievable. It’s the best-sounding guitar album of that decade and I’ve never heard as good a one since. Powerful and great song writing… brilliant musicianship – it just all comes together on that album. The complete antithesis of my love for synth pop but a really brilliant album and I really like Queens of the Stone Age.

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