Top 10 albums from ex-Mansun frontman Paul Draper – Number 4 – Spirit of Eden (Talk Talk)Draper - Spirit of EdenI got into this when we were in Mansun. I think it’s one of Chad’s favourites. We really liked the segues because we’d done that on our first two albums… and we got into it after the first two albums. It’s a really odd record. Talk Talk were a pop group but they didn’t want to carry on going down the pop route, so they made a very long-winded album with a lot of segues and no real choruses and a very odd structure. I really love that album. It was recorded unbelievably well and the musicianship is fantastic, as well as the melodies. It‘s just a perfect album. It can’t be categorised – it’s got elements of progressive rock and jazz but ultimately, it is melodically brilliant. It’s quite simple, lyrically – but that’s fantastic as well and the quality of the recording is amazing. It’s a really interesting record.

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