Director Tony Scott Dead – Top Gun And True Romance Director Dies After Plunging From LA Bridge.

By Mike Angel, Monday 20th August 2012

British born Director Tony Scott, the younger brother of Sir Ridley Scott has died after plunging to his death from the Vincent Thomas Bridge in LA at lunchtime on Sunday.

Witnesses reported seeing the 68-year-old father of two calmly parking his black Toyota Prius near the bridge, before walking to the south side where he jumped just after 12:30pm local time.

The US Coast Guard said officials found a note listing contact information inside his car, parked on an eastbound lane of the cable-suspension bridge, the scene of several Hollywood productions including \”The Fast and The Furious”. It is also believed that another note was found at his downtown Los Angeles office.

His publicist, Simon Halls announced, “I can confirm that Tony Scott has indeed passed away. He continued, “The family asks that their privacy be respected at this time.”

Lieutenant Joe Bale, a watch commander for the coroner’s office, said there was no evidence to suggest foul play. “ At this point we are investigating this as a suicide,” he said. “There is nothing to lead us to believe otherwise. A note was left in the car.

A port mortem examination will be performed later today.

Over his successful career, Tony had directed more than two dozen films as well as many television shows, producing nearly 50 titles.

He directed his first major film \”The Hunger”, starring Catherine Deneuve, David Bowie and Susan Sarandon, which at the time was seen as very controversial due to its sexual imagery.

Later known for using fast editing techniques and digital effects. He shot to fame in the 1980s with a string of action films but never won critical acclaim or an Academy Award as critics saw his films as mainly emphasising style over substance. Nonetheless no one can argue that Scott attracted some of Hollywood’s elite actors such as Denzel Washington, Robert De Niro, Gene Hackman, and Tom Cruise

One of Tony Scott’s most successful films was \”Top Gun”, a film about the US fighter jets starring Cruise and Kelly McGillis, which was one of the highest-grossing films of the 1980s and is now seen as a cult classic a cult classic. Since its release in 1986, it has grossed almost $354 million (around £225 million) worldwide.

Four years later years later he worked on the NASCAR-set of \”Days of Thunder”, again starring Cruise and Nicole Kidman.

An actor Scott frequently worked with was Denzel Washington, most recently on the runaway train drama \”Unstoppable” in 2010. Other films that they collaborated on included \”Man on Fire”, \”Déjà vu” and \”The Taking of Pelham 123”, which co-starred John Travolta.  His many other films include \”True Romance”, \”The Last Boy Scout” and \”The Fan”.

Both Tony and brother Ridley were currently working on a film called “Killing Lincoln,” based on the best seller by Bill O’Reilly.

Their company, \”Scott Free” also produced the CBS dramas “NUMB3RS” and “The Good Wife” as well as a 2011 critically acclaimed documentary about the \”Battle of Gettysburg” for the History Channel. Their most recent production was \”Coma”, which is a four-hour medical thriller that was due to air next month.

Last year Cruise finally confirmed the rumours that talks were now underway between him, Tony Scott and producer Jerry Bruckheimer regarding a sequel to \”Top Gun” that would see Cruise return to the role of fighter pilot Lt Pete “Maverick” Mitchell. It was also circulating for some time that Scott was also very active in trying to push a remake of the 1982 classic gang/turf war film \”The Warriors” and was developing a script to put into production with himself in the directors chair.

He said of his art of filmmaking, “I’m always pushing for something new and fresh in the way things are shot, and the rest happens in the editing room. … The real speed comes from the cutters and what they do with the celluloid.”

Unconfirmed reports suggested Scott, who grew up by the river Tyne in northern England, had depression.

He is survived by his wife Donna Scott and their twin 12 year-old boys Frank and Max.



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