Tommy Erdelyi aka Tommy Ramone-  The last member of the original Ramones has died aged 62 following treatment for following treatment.


The band’s drummer, who came up with the concept of what is arguably the most influential group of all time was the last remaining surviving member of the original line up.

Born Tom Erdelyi in Budapest, Hungry, Tommy was never meant to be part of the punk group when they formed in New York but was meant to be the band’s manager but his concept of the stripped down rock n roll of the band was not as easy to play as it seemed.

Famously Tommy was not meant to be the band’s drummer but the producer but when auditioning drummers could not find one who could play in the distinctive style and ended up having to do the job himself. Joey Ramone was supposed to be on drums initially but he struggled to be able to keep up with the now seminal fast paced rush of the bands songs and became the singer instead and with no other drummer being able to play in that simple yet powerfully effective style Tommy took over.

The band’s genius buzz saw music changed rock n roll for ever, stripping it back to its brilliant core and making simplicity into an art form with their music and their distinctive leather jacket image. They were treated with suspicion by the music business and never got the radio play they deserved by their songs have become the template for millions of bands since then and their T shirt has become one of the staples of modern fashion and, ironically, has made them one of the biggest groups ever after they split up and most of the members have died- at least Tommy got to see this and see his vision acknowledged.




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